14 years, 1 month ago
jup, just another person who can't remember the name of a movie :D

about 10 years ago i saw a movie, but i can only remember one scene:
there are a few people (i think children en some older ones) and they are stuck in some sort of dungeon. I guess it was more something temple-like, because they are put in baskets that are on the sides of some sort of stage (i think). There was also some fire around (probably from torches), and i think the guards were pretty big, wearing leather masks and shoulder pads (they scared me a little at the time). In the scene, the people escape from the baskets.
That's it, maybe some details are wrong, it's been a while...

I think it was a fantasy-adventure movie for children.

Anyone knows what movie this is? Thx :wink:
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