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14 years ago
anyone remember popsicle with monster faces
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    14 years ago
    All i remember is ghostbuster popsicles with gumball noses, the ones sold from an ice cream truck.
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      14 years ago
      I remember them they were good...
      Other people remember them too...

      and I guess now these are the Pac Man and Ghostbuster ones of our time...
      E to the M to the T...that's me..

      If Happy Fun Ball begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.
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        14 years ago
        They still sell some of my icecream favorites from the
        icecream truck like the lemon shark popicle and the screwball
        which is a kind of italian ice with a gumball on the bottom.

        They also have their different themed pops from famous
        cartoons and what not. I wonder when they started making themed pops for icecream trucks?

        I don't remember the monster pops. But and I tell
        this to everybody, I would probably know it if I saw it.

        Can u picture that - Th
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