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14 years ago
I remember from time to time during the 90s, there was a sort of Doctor Suess special that featured the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch as rivals in a sort of 'Bugs Bunny VS Daffy Duck,' environment. I cannot for the life of me remember if I dreamed this, or if it was in fact real... Does anyone else remember this?
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    14 years ago
    Sounds familiar down gorgeous.......
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      14 years ago
      Could it be the grinch grinches the cat in the hat, watch for the preview at the end of the dr. seuss on video list

      Can u picture that - Th
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        14 years ago
        Yeah it did exist. I remember watching it when I was younger. The Grinch was basically bored and decided to be mean to The Cat in the Hat. One of the things he did is that he changed the color that the Cat in the Hat would see.
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