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14 years ago
anyone remember this show? it came on channel 61( formerly PAX, now Ion) where I lived
I used to watch the show but was never into the story just the action(always remember the man and the sword)
it kinda reminds me of The Crow for some reason
I Love the 90's

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    14 years ago
    sounds vaguely like the Highlander series that was on USA.
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      14 years ago
      there is only one highlander.......
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        14 years ago
        yup, i watched that stuipid show. It astared lorenzo lamas as an acient warrior who's wife was killed by a deamoned named Maloos, and his ifant daughter then kidnapped. So he vowed to never rest untill he had gotten vengace and that vow is what made him and his frined Goodwin immortal. the concept idea was Highlander meets Buffy, adn it could have been cool, but it wasn't. It did have the coolest theme song ever perfomred by G Tom Mac, the guy who did Cry little sister.
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