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14 years ago
This was a show that came out early 80's...I think...around 82to84.

What I remember was it was about this young man around twenty something and he had special powers.If I remember right he was traveling all around the US trying to find clues to who he was and what he was.

I can't remember if he was full or half alien,mutant or whatever.

The only episode I remember clearly is this one.The guy goes to this small town.While watching a little league baseball game he shakes the hand of one of the young players.With his powers he is able to hear the boy's heartbeat and can tell he has a life threatening aneurysm that is about to burst in his brain.He tries to warn the parents but no one will listen to him and everyone thinks he's crazy.I also remember that in order to save the boy's life the guy kidnaps him and takes him to the nearby hospital.He makes the doctor do a cat scan which doesn't show anything.The guy uses his powers to somehow make the CAT scan stronger and than it shows the doctor the aneurism.Just than the cops burst in to arrest him and take the boy to his parents.The doctor than shocks the police by saying the boy isn't going anywhere because he got to go in for emergency surgery.

At the end of the episode the parents thank him and I can remember that all the medical staff are staring at the guy while whispering "that's him" "knew he had that aneurysm just by touching him" and stuff like that.

I know it's not a lot to go on to find a show but it's driving me insane to try and remember what it was.Oh and by the way it's not Starman.I do remember that one very clearly LOL
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    14 years ago
    Could it be "The Phoenix"
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      14 years ago
      I remember this! But I can't remember what it's called, sorry. :(
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        14 years ago
        Sorry, all I could come up with was The Powers of Matthew Star.
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