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Has anyone on here been to summer camp? I been like 5 times throughout my life and it was fun. When I first saw Salute Your Shorts, I was expecting summer camp life to be just like that. For the most part, it was. We went kayaking, mountain climbing, did art projects and a whole bunch of other stuff. On the last day, we went to Sea World. It was so much fun. The counselors were great and they was so awesome. We also pulled a lot of pranks and did silly things as well.
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    I never went to Summer Camp. Yep, I'm that much of a wimp. :P
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      Never went to camp. 8)

      Only horrible children were sent away for the summer. :twisted: :wink:
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        My sisters and I wasn't sent to summer camp. We never asked to go and our parents never offered to send us.
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          I went to summer camp for a week every summer from 7-16 years old. When I was 17 I worked there as a CIT. Good times.
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