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I remember very many commercials from my childhood, looking back, it seems like they tried to sell a zillion different toy lines to kids back then. Here are some of the more obscure toy lines I remember; they were shown on TV only for awhile and I don't recall ever seeing them in real life. Who remembers these?

1. "My One and Only" (on TV c. spring 1988 ) Is there anyone in the world besides me who remembers this toy line!? I have done extensive googling and have found nothing anywhere about this! I have already written about it on this forum and no one remebered it. It was a series of 6 large dolls that looked like young hunks, sort of like oversize Ken or Rio dolls. I think I remember the commercial verbatim. It showed pictures of live young men and of the dolls they represented, each pair dressed in the same fashions. A moody voice crooned "My o-one and only! You stole my heart away! Be my one and only today!" A girl's voice then said: "At first I didn't know...there was Colin, Graham, Mark, Max, Greg (or so I remember the names)...and then it happened...CORY. Now You're my one and only!" The doll I supposed was Cory had dark brown hair, I think, and definitely had a red and white varsity jacket, apparently with his initial.

2. "Hot Looks" (c. 1987/1988 ). A small series of dolls made larger than Barbies, and representing models from different countries. Had very zany, uber-80s commercials, showing the dolls and one or more girls enjoying the same kind of fashions they had.

3. "Peeper Pals" (c. 1990). Mellow-looking stuffed animals, with large drowsy eyes. The commercial had a song that went something like "Peeper Pals! I've got my eye on you!"

4. "Bitsy Bears" (commercial seen by early Spring 1992). Cutesy little bears in different colors. The commercial had a song in which a little girl sang "In Bitsy Bear Land not so far away/There's magic happening every day!/The Bitsy Bears come alive before your eyes!"
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    i was born in 82 and i dont remember anyone of these. sorry.
    You're Killing Me Smalls!
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      I think I remember all of those. The dolls are a little fuzzy in the memory but I had some bitsy bears and probably the stuffed animals.
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        Finally, I have found a reference to the "My One and Only", it was made by Irwin Toy, a Canadian company.

        "Other successful product development efforts at Irwin during the mid-1980s included Yawnie, a doll with a gaping mouth, and My One and Only, which was a line of guy dolls marketed to young girls as a sort of fantasy boyfriend."

        Successful? But since I saw the commercial, I have not seen hide nor hair of these toys.
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          None of those seem too familar except those bears. I remeber the packaging but I don't think I had any. I wasn't big on bears.
          That Toys R Us commercial made me wish for a time machine...
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            Bitsy Bears!! I had almost all the toys, and I still have one of the videos. They were pretty crappy but cute nonetheless. The toys wound up and moved, and they were all light pastel.
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              I only know about the Bitsy Bears... I used to buy them for my little sister, and she had one hell of a collection.
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