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13 years, 9 months ago
Ok who remebers way back when kroger had the cost cutter brand foods? all their products came in a plain yellow contanier with scissors in the logo? i mean anything it ranged from milk to cereal to lol my cheat mom lol even bought the cigs!! lol we ate kroger crap for most of my child hood! i loved going to a friends house and tasting real mac and chees and cereal lol! ok come on tell all ur store brand foods you had
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    13 years, 9 months ago
    I didn't grow up with any Krogers. I grew up with Pathmark and they made the most awesome imitation sodas like "Dr. Path" (imitation Dr. Pepper), "Mountain Path" (imitation Mountain Dew) & "Spring Up" (imitation 7-Up).

    Now that I'm older, I only settle for the real deal. No more no frills food.
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      13 years, 9 months ago
      Kroger isn't that bad. I'd rather spend $1 for 2 boxes of mac n cheese than triple or quadruple for name brand. Although I wouldn't eat it all the time. Anyway I had Kroger and FMV (For Maximum Value) brand.
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        13 years, 9 months ago
        We never went to Kroger too much, our main place for the longest time was Food Max, with their budget brand "Staff", stuck in plain, rather 70's looking boxes with white lettering and white outlines.
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          13 years, 9 months ago
          The cost cutter logo alwasy gave me bad vibes. We were poor growing up and my parents did anything they could to save money so it was always store brands when possible. I drank lots of big K soda growing up. DR K instead of DR Pepper and I remember one something lightning. My favorate was the black berry soda. They had everything in Kroger brand even cost cutter cigarettes! Onther brand that some other stores sold was Parade they too sold everything with that name on it. Some of them you couldn't tell the differance, but others you could.

          If you ever seen the movie Millon Doller Baby, there was a scene where Clint Eastwood got mad or Morgan Freeman for buying the national brand bleach instead of the store brand. Morgan said in the movie the national smelled better.

          When I moved away from home and got my own apartment I refused to buy the store brand. To this day I will spend the extra and buy Tide, charman toilet paper, Bounty paper towls. These were some of the brands my parents would never buy because they were "too expensive". My bathroom time is much better than Scott toilet paper! My clothes are also cleaner.
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