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Does anyone have any stories about sharing the "good old days" with the next generation?

My girlfriend has a three year-old girl that lives with us. Of course, she can't go without her Dora and current Disney movies. But she is also absolutely mesmerized by Pro-Stars (The Slamdunking with the Airman DVD that was released a while ago). She's almost to the point where she can identify by name, each cast member of Saved By The Bell. Whats the point of having so much timeless media if you don't have anyone to share it with?
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    my youngest daughter....( she's 6 )'s her cartoons just as much as any other normal kid. but her favorite channel oddly enough is boomerang. she loves tom and jerry the most. so a few months back i started to explain to her that most of the cartoons on that channel we're what daddy watched when is was a kid like her. so now that is part of our special time together is watchin daddy's cartoons.... :D

    on a side note.... i have noticed that the only time she ever laughs watchin cartoons is when she watches the older stuff on boomerang. that was also before she even knew them as daddy's cartoons. i mean she still likes to watch spongebob and such but she never will laugh.
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      My girlfriend's four year old nephew's favorite movie is the original "Ghostbusters" and his favorite superhero is "The Hulk". Two interesting choices for kids nowadays.
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        I do it all the time. I don't have any kids myself but there's a lot in the family. So whenever they come over I pop in something out of my DVDs. I also notice that they seem to enjoy the 'old' stuff a lot more. My niece was cracking up at 'Flight of the Navigator' and my nephew loved 'Monster Squad'. And when I told him that when I was little Disney Channel and Nickelodeon used to show cartoons all day he just gave the tv a wistful look and said, "Man. That sucks. I wish they still did."
        I need to go buy 'Explorers' and 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' soon so I can spread that to them...
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          I watch old shows that I have bought on DVD with my niece. She loves them too. And if there is a show like All That on that I loved as a kid, I will watch it with her.
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            My husband and I are having a baby in September- and we're always talking about how great it's going to be raising our kids on the old Muppets and "old school Sesame Street." and Mister Rogers. And how they get to watch good movies like Star Wars, Neverending Story, Labrynth etc... with us. I'm also out to used bookstores looking for good books too, that I grew up on, a lot of books I grew up on I still have actually.
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              I still have my old VHS tapes of old cartoons and got some dvd's of them too so I can share when I have kids one day
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                The 3-year-old I watch knows all the words to "Jem Girl" (and loves it). Along with her 6-year-old brother, we play "Jem" and "Rainbow Bright." Also, whenever we're playing football and one of us scores a touchdown, we do the "Theo Huxtable Touchdown Dance."
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                  my friend's little brother, 8 years old, who is 20 years younger then he is.. I pass down my kowledge to him about horror movie icons like freddy, jason, pinhead, micheal myers, leatehrface, ect..

                  other things like old cartoons and such :) I like talking about our past with him.
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