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What is your favorite recording of "Love in Vain" (originally written in 1937 by Robert Johnson, 1911-1938; the most famous version is of the Rolling Stones' country/blues interpretation from 1969) and "Landslide" (by Fleetwood Mac, 1975)?

I'm for the Stones' version of "Love" because of Ry Cooder's mandolin part (which would not be included live). It was supposed to be played by Brian Jones (who had been the master of several exotic instruments; he played the recorder on "Ruby Tuesday" and the sitar on "Paint It, Black" among other songs), but at the time, he was embroiled in drug abuse problems which would lead to his death on July 3, 1969 - only one month after the other four 'Stones declared he was no longer a member of the group.

As to "Landslide", though, I'm sticking to FM's original version from 1975 (written by Stevie Nicks). The Dixie Chicks' version from 2002 (on which the deluxe version of its parent CD, Home, included a Sheryl Crow remix of this tune) tries too hard to make it seem like their take on the Rolling Stones' 1969 interpretation of "Love in Vain".

There are several central influences heard in both songs: the mandolin and the general country-and-western musical influence.

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