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Ahhhhhhhh, Just thinking of it brings back such fond memories 8)

I was about 3 when it came out (1993) and I remember watching it EVERYDAY. I still watch it today, I have 3 episodes on tape :D and I used to have the cadillac, USED to have it. My brother sprayed blue paint all over it and my mom threw it away, I was 8 then and I still mourn the loss. I always wanted to be Jack Tenrec and always wanted my own Hannah Dundee. And what about Hammer? He was one of the coolest villains, next to megatron.

Does anyone ever just sit and recount the fun times with this masterpiece? The animation was superb for its' time and the plot knew how to hold its' own in a time when power rangers ruled the world. I still want an old eldorado because of this show 8)
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    13 years, 8 months ago
    Awesome, underrated show. Well worth tracking down the original comics it was based on, too. Those were great! I actually spent several months putting together a complete series DVD set of this recently (no small feat, considering how few episodes were released officially, and how few people seemed to tape it back in the day). Using a combination of my own tapes, the old retail releases, and nice quality fills from some other traders.

    An interesting (well to me, at least) side note to that - I made a set for Fred Perry, who recently did an extended interview with Mark Schultz (creator of the original comics) for a series of books about comic book creators. Fred mentioned the DVD set I made for him, and apparently Mark was delighted to hear that fans were keeping the memory of the show alive! Which I take to mean an official release is nowhere on the horizon... :/ But it was nice to have the blessing of the original creator. :D

    I'm surprised this show isn't more popular NOW, actually. Especially given all the current popularity of environmental awareness - something that was a strong theme of the series.
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      Never saw it but everything I've read about "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" screams kickass cool. Did you say fans? C & D fans rave about the animated series and the comics in equal measure.

      So here we are with another case of chicken livered television executives with gold in their hands and no brains to hold on! What's the world comming to?

      The Eldorado is dead. Long live the Eldorado.
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