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Ok im pretty sure i havent seen anything (or not much) about the show Flash Forward and the torkelsons. i wasent that big of a fan of the torkelsons but its still old school and i did happen to watch it every so often...but i do miss flash forward...use to have the hots for tucker on that show who i havent seen in awhile on tv but im pretty sure thats him on 30 days of night(the really creepy guy in jail) anwho...anyone remember those shows?
Are you freebasing, Michael? Inquiring minds want to know....
*Lost Boys*
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    here's a random clip

    oh, and here you can find a intro for the show

    and then there's under the umbrella tree


    dumbo's circus


    Can u picture that - Th
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      flash forward, was the girl in it named becca? if it's the same show i'm remembering, the girl was also in firefly and is now in stargate atlantis
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