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Anyone else miss sleepovers as much as I do? The best, if you were lucky, were the "family friend sleepovers." My family growing up was very close with 4 other families. The parents liked the parents and us kids liked each other. We'd have some of the most epic sleepovers in the history of mankind about once a month. Two families would sleep at one family's house and the other at the other. Stay up late til 1, even 2 AM (which when you're 7 seems like a LOT!)

Gradually, these sleepovers faded, until it died around the turn of the new century. =/

I still long for sleepovers, any time a long distance cousin sleeps over, for instance, it just takes me back to those glory days of staying up late, the house all lit up with laughter, playing video games and "real life" games like hide n seek, tag, scavenger hunt, etc.

Ah the good old days =p
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    I don't miss them so much, but have fond memories of building bases out of chairs, bed sheets and cardboard boxes, fighting of imaginary foe attack our bases until late into the night then sleeping inside them. Invariably waking up in the morning with half the base collapsed around us.

    Great fun, good times.
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      The many times my friend talked about staying up all night, but he ended up passing out before midnight.
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        Never had many sleepovers. I've probably had... maybe 3. They were all average nothing special: play video games all night, watch tv, then sleep.
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