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I don`t know what were the Beatles smoking(...)However,this song is an superclassic.
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    An superclassic?

    I doubt what they were smoking was nearly as strong as what you are.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot.

    Game... ovahhhhhhhhh!!!
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      If you want to hear a REALLY messed up Beatles song you should listen to Revolution 9 (not to be confused with the far more radio friendly Revolution 1). It is on the White album and is the single most drug influenced song ever written.
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        Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was either talking about LSD or AIDS. Can't be too sure.
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          John's demo (far longer samples of John's demos than on Anthology 2)

          Strawberry Fields Takes 1 - 4

          Strawberry Fields Takes 5 - 7

          Strawberry Fields Remake Takes 25 - 26

          Stawberry Fields (non-slowed down John vocals)

          Strawberry Fields Mono Mix

          Strawberry Fields Promo Film (in colour)

          Cover versions:

          Richie Havens (1969)

          Peter Gabriel (1977)

          Ben Harper (2001)

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            Cranberry Sauce. Cranberry Sauce.
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              I really like the Love Version.
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