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the Western Union Man of Back to the Future: Part II has served its last memo (June 21, 1941 -April 1, 2024). He played in 75 episodes of SCTV, and voiced a couple characters in Heavy Metal ('81), as Big Dracula in the series Little Dracula, Snorkel in the 2001 YTV/Disney Channel/Nelvana special The Santa Claus Brothers, and Jeb the Goat in Disney's Home on the Range (in its 20th Anniversary).
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    That's a shame, he was very funny and always seemed to turn up in movies and shows. I'll mostly remember him as Count Floyd from SCTV and also when he reprised the role on an episode of Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs. I think my introduction to him was that old 80s movie Club Paradise with Robin Williams and he played the crazy pilot.
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