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It's monday, time to recap what happened this past weekend.

NBA in Vegas?: With the All-Star game at Las Vegas, the first All-Star game in a city without an NBA team, the NBA has pretty much unofficially confirmed the rumors of a team being formed in Vegas. I'm not convinced that Vegas is a city that can hold a team. Yes I know people live in Vegas and YES I know those people like sports. But can a city with more tourists than residents hold a successful franchise? After looking up census numbers there are over 450,000 residents of Las Vegas. That's far more than I thought and perhaps I am wrong in my opinion. We'll have to wait and see. I got a team name idea though, the Las Vegas High-Rollers! With a pair of dice as the logo.

Chargers hire Turner: Norv Turner?! That's the best you could do?! You replace Marty Schottenheimer who led the team to a 14-2 season with a guy who has FAILED in just about every head-coaching venture he's been in?!

Bears fire Rivera: What do you think of when you hear "Chicago Bears"? DEFENSE!!! The leader of that defense, Ron Rivera, has lost his job with the Bears. Rivera interviewed many times for different head coaching jobs, when nobody hired him he was forced to restructure his contract with the Bears. Apparently the talks fell apart... and now the coordinator for possibly the best defense in the NFL is out of a job? Someone is going to snatch him really fast, and it'll be Chicago's loss.

Daytona 500: I'm going to tell you right off the bat that I'm a huge Tony Stewart fan (go Joe Gibbs racing!). I was very busy this past sunday so I didn't get to see the first half of the race. I had heard on the radio that Stewart was in 40th place after pit problems. By the time I had gotten home to a TV he was in 1st place! And then Kurt Busch happened... Stewart slammed into the wall and Busch wrecked as well. Such a shame... but the race had some finish! Mark Martin in the ARMY car was heading for his first Daytona victory in 23 attempts (yeah he's old) but Kevin Harvick had other plans. It was a photo finish, the best kind of finish.

Daytona 500 controversy: Right behind Harvick and Martin there was a series of wrecks in front of the finish line. In such a case the NASCAR officials were supposed to wave the caution flag and freeze the entire order of cars and award each driver according to that order. If the caution flag was waved and the order was frozen, Martin would have won the race. Officials decided to wave off the caution flag and let the drivers finish. I'm not taking any sides, but it was a hell of a finish.
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    Yeah, I was pissed at Kurt as well.. Granted Tony did get a little loose, he never lost control and was getting the car back in line..

    As for the ending I would have loved seeing Mark win it BUT you know that if they froze the field that the same people would have complained about a yellow/checker finish.

    I am glad for Harvick as he had big shoes to fill after the greatest of all time passed away in 2001...
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      Chargers supporter here:

      Utterly retarded. Ever since Butler died, its been so questionable. First it was Rivers over Brees because it was Smith's boy.... then ditching one of the all time winniest coaches with Norv Turner. He's under .500 as a head coach. I was in favor of Rex Ryan. The Chargers have the most potent 3-4 in the league, and since they lost Wade Phillips to Dallas, he was the next best thing. Any OC can run an offense with LT
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