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14 years ago
Hey guys and gals,
I am doing a Retro style bedroom in my new appt, i have some pretty good ideas and thoughts of what i want to do, but i am open to ideas. So far i have come up with the idea of 12x6 black and white diamond pattern painted on one wall, with a hot pink? Blue? Green? Splashed Z deign on the wall airbrushed to look like it is popping out. That still leaves me with 3 other walls, current thoughts are, records on the wall with neon lights (BigLots sell them cheap) or a saved by the bell intro back ground (the squiggly lines and patters) painted. They also sell funky pillows and bed spreads every where so that’s not an issue. Any other ideas would be great; I intend to post the pictures when I am done.
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