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14 years ago
We have been arguing about this in the pub all week.

Who was the best Bond? Moore, Connery, Dalton....?
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    14 years ago
    Connery was epic, but I have to roll with Roger Moore on this one.
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      14 years ago
      Roger Moore is the best Bond.

      How many movies wer each of them in ?
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        14 years ago
        connery for sure
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          14 years ago
          Roger Moore For Sure :)
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            14 years ago
            Gold Bond for sure. Helps the chubrub.

            Actually, I prefer Connery.
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              14 years ago
              TheEY All SuCked!


              Seriously though, I don't get those shitty Bond movies. They're like fucking dullard magnets.
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                14 years ago
                I like Dalton, but I didnt think he made a very good Bond.

                It really comes down to Connry and Moore, moore is a great actor, and very smooth, he had that whole playboy aspect of old 007 down to the T, BUT, so much so that he wasn't very beleivable ina fight, and for that reason alone, i go with Connery, but it's close, very close.
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                  14 years ago
                  Is it too early to say Daniel Craig? Because granted, he only did one film so far, but it's possibly the best Bond movie I've ever seen.
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                    14 years ago
                    i like roger moore
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                      14 years ago
                      Connery without a doubt.
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                        14 years ago
                        Dalton was the best, and Dalton is the best in everything he does (who's seen Hot Fuzz, just champion in that), and Brosnan in his earlier years, I thought he fizzled out a bit towards the end. But yeah, those two.
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                          14 years ago
                          Who else but George Lazenby, he was the best bond :roll:

                          But seriously, I thought all of them were good in their own way except for Lazenby.
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                            14 years ago
                            There are only three options! :x
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                              14 years ago
                              Pierce I loved Goldeneye and its video game

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                                14 years ago
                                There are only three options! :x

                                No, I just think he named a few to get the ball rolling so to say.

                                I say Sean Connery. I would go for Roger Moore, but I can't look at him without thinking "Look, it's Sherlock!" (He was one of the actors that played Sherlock at one point, which is why I do.) Pierce Bronston (Spelling?) is also a pretty good one, in my opinion.
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                                  14 years ago
                                  Sean Connery was the absolute best, fallowed by Daniel Craig
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