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Shoes were a big deal when I was in high school. The early 1990s were the time when athletes weren't superstars until they had their own line of sneakers. Even though I was pretty poor as a kid, fro my 13th birthday my parents spent over $100 on me for one pair of Adidas Mutombos.

I had the more colourful ones.

I didn't even know who Dikembe Mutombo was to be honest, but it made me the coolest kid at school for about a week to have these. What were the coolest shoes that the kids all coveted when you were in high school?
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    When I was in jr high, it was the Rebok high tops, with the puffy tongue. Later, in high school it was Air Jordans, the ones with the multi-colored soles and Timberlands.
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      I had these pairs of white Converse All-Stars I wore when I was 5... I can't find a picture of them, though.
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        I had Reebok pumps in 4th grade. They definitely made me pretty awesome. When I was in grade nine, Airwalks were super popular, so I mostly wore those.
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          I had L.A. Gear, the ones that light up, Reebok, Nike, later in the 90's I got into Skechers around 97-98.
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            I had a pair of Converse, circa 1983, that had green, purple, and orange panels. I hung onto them for many years after even though they no longer fit. I finally gave them to a girlfriend's son and it was really cool seeing him wear them.
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              The best shoes I ever had were a pair of Air Jordans and my very first pair of Sketchers from when I was a freshman in high school.
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                I loved a pair of shoes i had in kindergarden they were pink and blue with velcrow and laces in hightop form oh and they came with a sweet plastic braclet.
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                  I would have to say La Gear or the shoes the you had the pump on the front of the shoe that you pushed.
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                    I wore LA Gears throughout the early 1990's.
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                      Air Jordans all the way. If you had those, you were cool.
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                        I had some Air Jordans, but only one pair, for the outrageous price they charged, the shoe wasn't that great. I liked the Reebok Pumps. And then they came out with the pumps that had the pump, but it also came with a little gun thing that you loaded with air cartridges, and there was a little nozzle on the shoe, and you could just pump them up with the air canister.
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                          and remember those Nike sneakers that said AIR in big letters up each side of the shoe?
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                            I had Reebok Pumps when I was in about year 3 or 4 and I also had LA Gears with the double laces.
                            When I started High School I had Coverse basketball shoes.
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                              Yeah, the double lace thing was popular here in 1990 - 1992. I also had Converse with React Juice. I can't find a picture of them though...I always thought that the React Juice thing was a pretty popular gimmick...
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                                Till my feet got "too big", I wore what the other kids called "Pie Crusts", basically, cheap Wal-Mart shoes....

                                Then the day came that my feet were measured at a size 12.5 mens, and Wal-Mart would no longer do, and as I grew, I had to get more mainstream and expensive shoes, about the only name I remember were Reebok and Nike Air Icarus. Finding anything that big outside of Reebok or Nike is next to impossible.
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                                  I had L.A. lights, a pair of Sonic and Knuckles shoes, and an awesome pair of B.K. Knights.
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                                    I remember that British Knights were what I initially wanted but they didn't have them in my size so I ended up getting the Mutombos.
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                                      Combat Boots were definitely in for me during my teenager years.
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                                        It's not that shoes were coveted where I went to school, but once a trend was set EVERYONE had the same pair. In 7th-8th grade (98 ish) it was these black Adidas low tops with the white stripes. Went along with those Adidas snap-off pants.

                                        In elementary school first it was the shoes that pumped air through the tongue, then they came out with the shoes with the lights in the sole. I was too old/my feet were too big by the time those came out but I thought they were cool.

                                        Of course girls wore jelly shoes in the early 90's.

                                        Myself, I went for design rather than name. I had a lot of high top shoes with screened characters on them like Tweety and Mickey. I had one pair of converse knock-offs that had a pattern of repeating Looney Tunes characters on the fabric. Then in Jr. High it was Doc Martens (because I wanted to be Daria), Airwalks, Skechers platforms, and sandals all summer long. High school it turned to Vans (there was an outlet store at the mall) and Cons. I don't think I ever paid more than $30 for a pair, other than the boots.
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