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Who remembers the legendary Detroit Diesel 2-cycle engines? The engines made by this one-time division of General Motors Corporation (GM) had such a distinctive sound that hardly anyone growing up between the 1950s and the 1980s spending their lives on the road would ever forget.

The common versions displaced 53, 71, 92 and 149 cubic inches. The 71s came first (3-71, 4-71 and 6-71 initially, joined in later years by the 6V-71, 8V-71 and 12V-71). The 53s were next (3-53, 4-53 and a short time later, the 6V-53 and 8V-53), joined by the 8V-149, 12V-149 and 16V-149 to replace the Series 110 line. Last up were the 6V-92 and 8V-92, the latter of which developed up to 500 hp in its prime. Lesser-known models were the 2-51 and 4-51 (replaced by the 53 line) and the 6-110 (replaced by the V-149 line).

Detroit Diesel 2-cycle engines were quite common in public transit buses (GMC and Flxible fishbowls), highway buses (Greyhounds), fire trucks, linehaul trucks, higher-end school buses, and even construction machinery such as graders and loaders.

Hear an 8V-71 in a 1970 Mack F-700 C. O. E. (cab over engine):
(watch the last six minutes of clip)

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