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AMHQ: America's Morning Headquarters (2000 - Current)
This American weekday morning program on The Weather Channel, debut on January 3, 2000 as 'Your Weather Today'. On November 12, 2012, the program changed its titles with a new name: "Morning Rush". On March 17, 2014, the program changed once again, this time with a new name: "AMHQ: America's Morni...
Morning Joe (2007 - Current)
This American weekday morning news program has been on MSNBC since its debut on April 9, 2007.
Here's How! (1991 - 1991)
In this fun Canadian educational miniseries we get a look at how items are made in a factory and how they work. Starring Don Dickonson as an animated balloon, Tara Strong as a talking mouse (voiceover), and narrated by Johnie Smith. The series was released direct-to-video in Canada by TV Ontario and...
El Hazard: The Wanderers (1995 - 1996)
High school science-whiz Makoto Mizuhara is working on his newest project in preparation for the school festival, alongside his best friend Nanami Jinnai. Nanami's brother and Makoto's lifelong rival, the unscrupulous student council president Katsuhiko Jinnai, is under scrutiny for mishandling the...
Access Hollywood (1996 - Current)
Access Hollywood, formerly known as Access from 2017 to 2019, is an American weekday television entertainment news program that premiered on September 9, 1996. It covers events and celebrities in the entertainment industry. It was created by former Entertainment Tonight executive producer Jim Van Me...
Four and a Half Friends (2015 - 2015)
Charly and his friends love solving mysteries while facing the challenges of growing up. This unlikely group of junior detectives - and their dog - will stop at nothing to find and solve cases they uncover in and around their home town.
Raggs (2001 - 2009)
Stars five colorful canine characters and a cat, Dumpster, who hang together in their own cool clubhouse. However, Raggs and his friends are not average canines, they're also talented musicians who make great rock 'n' roll music as The Raggs Band.
Doris the Cat (1983 - 1985)
This series is about a cat named Doris.
The Magic School Bus Rides Again (2017 - 2018)
In the sequel to The Magic School Bus, the flagship Ms. Valerie Frizzle (now Professor Frizzle) retires from teaching and passes the keys of the Magic School Bus over to her younger sister, Ms. Fiona Frizzle, to embark on new adventures with her class. As they journey on their exciting new field-tri...
Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne (1991 - 1992)
This is a short-lived sequel after the events of the 1983-86 anime series and prior to Ultimate Muscle. Kinnikuman has proven himself worthy to be crowned the next king of Planet Kinniku. But at the ceremony, five other Kinnikuman's arrive, all claiming to be the true prince of Planet Kinniku. Now,...
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