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Mrs. PepperPot (1983 - 1984)
The show is about an elder woman, who lives with her grumpy man in a house in a forrest. She has a teaspoon on her necklace and at the most inconvenient times, she shrinks to the size of the teaspoon. When she is small, she can talk to animals. Together with the little girl next door (who knows of...
Marine Boy (Kaitei Shounen Marine) (1969 - 1971)
Marine Boy is the son of Dr. Mariner and is part of the the Ocean Patrol headquarters. His Marine suit is designed as bulletproof, and his ability to use his propelled boots. He also uses his electric boomerang to paralyze enemies and oxy-gum to breathe underwater without any diving gear. He has...
Joey (1975 - 1975)
This musical/variety show was seen sunday nights on CBS TV during the summer of 1975. Actress/singer and dancer:Joey Heatherton and her father..entertainer/ radio & tv broadcaster and NYC's first children's tv wraparound host/performer :Ray Heatherton("The Merry Mailman")would per...
This Old House (1979 - Current)
Originally intended as a one-time series, This Old House is the very first home improvement series on television and has run for over 35 years! This Old House focuses on the building or remodeling of entire houses over the course of several weeks. A host, Bob Vila from 1979 to 1991, Steve Thomas fro...
Dream Team (1997 - 2007)
Dream Team was a British television series produced by Hewland International which aired on Sky1 and Sky3 from 1997 to 2007, that chronicled the on-field and off-field affairs of the fictional Harchester United F.C.. Events in the series have proved to be uncannily similar to those surrounding Newca...
Bloopy's Buddies (1998 - 2000)
L.A. Dragnet (2003 - 2004)
From Creater Dick Wolf produced a new Dragnet show Law & Order Style for ABC. But people didn't like it and cancled in its secend season and two last episodes never aired.
The Ghost Hunter (1999 - 2002)
The Ghost Hunter series centred around Roddy and Tessa Oliver, two ordinary children whose lives are turned upside down when William Povey, a shoeshine boy from Victorian England appears in Roddy's bedroom as a ghost and appeals to him for help. The Ghost Hunter is searching for William in order to...
Surprise, Surprise (1984 - 2001)
Surprise, Surprise was a British TV show hosted by Cilla Black, produced by London Weekend Television.
Take Your Pick (1992 - 1998)
Take Your Pick was a UK game show originally broadcast by Radio Luxembourg in the early 1950s. The show transferred to television in 1955 with the launch of ITV, where it continued until 1968. As it was the first game show broadcast on commercial television in the UK (and the BBC did not at that poi...
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