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S-CRY-Ed (1999 - 2000)
s-CRY-ed was about an alter user named Kazuma. The show stars with Kazuma just doing odd jobs around the Lost Ground, the place alter users live. Eventually he meets up with HOLD an orginization that is out to capture him. An alter named Ryuho, and a member of hold, fights Kazuma. They also have a s...
S.W.A.T. (1975 - 1976)
This series brought army-style warfare to big-city police work. S.W.A.T. stood for Special Weapons And Tactics, whose job it was to tackle situations--usually violent ones--that line police couldn't handle, with whatever weaponry was necessary. Vietnam veterans all, the S.W.A.T. squad dressed i...
Sabado Gigante (1962 - 2015)
Sabado Gigante is a Chilean Spanish-language variety show and one of the longest running shows television. The weekly program in 1962 airing on Canal 13 in Chile under the name "Show Dominical" (Sunday's Show). Sabado Gigante is an ecletic and frenetic mix of variety show and game show with celebrit...
Saban's Adventures of The Little Mermaid (1991 - 1991)
A Japanese/French/Korean/Dutch/Belgian/Luxembourgian animated series produced by Saban Entertainment about Marina - a mermaid who fell in love with Prince Justin. Other characters are: Hedwig the Sea Witch, Winnie (seahorse), Bobo (fish).
Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist (1996 - 1997)
Animated series based on the story of Oliver Twist. All the characters are animals.
Saban's Bob In A Bottle (The Genie Family) (1969 - 1970)
The Genie Family (ハクション大魔王 Hakushon Daimaō) is an anime series by Tatsunoko Production. An old bottle has found its way into the household of a modern family, which consists of a boy named Kan and his parents. A Big genie named Hakushon and his daughter, Akubi lives reside inside it. When Kan finds...
Saban's Jungle Tales (Urikupen Kyūjotai) (1974 - 1991)
A 1974 anime television series produced by Tatsunoko Production and it was directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa. In 1991 Haim Saban owner of Saban Entertainment and Saban Productions adapted the series for a worldwide release under the name of Saban's Jungle Tales.
Saber Marionette J (1996 - 1997)
In the distant future, since the Earth has become overpopulated, efforts to find and colonize on other planets have begun. However, one of the ships, the "Mesopotamia" malfunctions and all but 6 of its inhabitants are all killed. the remaining 6 manage to escape to a nearby planet named "Terra ll ",...
Saber Rider (1987 - 1989)
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriff is another of the Wild West meets The Far Future shows that were popular during the 80's (see Bravestarr). Mankind has begun colonizing the stars, and lawlessness has risen it's head, wild west style, once more. It is up to Saber Rider and his Star Sheriffs in thei...
Sable (1987 - 1988)
Sable is a television program that aired on ABC during the 1987-1988 season, and is based on the comic book, Jon Sable: Freelance, by Mike Grell. Seven episodes of the series aired. The show was a one-hour adventure/drama about mercenary and vigilante Jon Sable (Lewis Van Bergen), who by day was chi...
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