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Quigley's Village (1987 - 1992)
a collection of American-made Christian children's videos designed to teach children "sound Biblical values" in a fun and exciting way. A combination of live action and puppets, it was very similar in style to Sesame Street but with a biblically-based rather than humanistic approach to communicating...
Quincy M.E. (1976 - 1983)
Quincy was a man with a strong sense of principle. He had given up a lucrative private medical practice to join the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office as a medical examiner. His understanding of forensic medicine led him to conclude that many of the supposed "normal" deaths that he was assigne...
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  • Cass: You were gonna ask me for money? Who the hell do you think you're dealing with, some old slut on 42nd Street? In case you didn't happen to notice it, ya big Texas longhorn bull, I'm one helluva gorgeous chick!

  • Midnight Cowboy