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The Patchwork Family (1971 - 1972)
Host/Performer:Ms.Carol Corbett,Head Puppeteer:Carey Antebi,Regulars:Suzi Pruden,Larry Traddup,John Canemaker,"Uncle Bo".
The Pat Sajak Show (1989 - 1990)
A CBS late-night talk show hosted by TV weathercaster and Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak following the departure to his Wheel's daytime game show. It competed with the Tonight Show on NBC and ran for fifteen months on air.
Paul's Miraculous Adventure (1976 - 1977)
Pōru no Mirakuru Daisakusen, also known as "Paul's Miracle Strategy Plan") is an action-adventure anime television series created by Tatsunoko Productions in partnership with Topcraft. The series was broadcast on Fuji TV and various other local stations across Japan from October 3, 1976, to Septembe...
Paul Ashley & His Puppets/Uncle Paul's Lunchtime (1956 - 1956)
Local:WABD TV Ch.5 NYC Weekday afternoons Monday June 11,1956-Friday June 22,1956 Host/Performer/Puppeteer:Paul Ashley ,Comedy Assistant/Asistant Puppeteer:Chuck McCann.
The Paul Lynde Show (1972 - 1973)
The Paul Lynde Show was a ABC sitcom featuring Paul Lynde as a lawyer whose family life gets disrupted by the appearance of his new son-in-law, an eccentric college student with an IQ of 185. Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara made occasional appearances as the son-in-law's parents.
The Paul Winchell Show (1958 - 1960)
ABC TV Network sunday evenings 1958-60..Ventriloquist/Entertainer:Paul Winchell and his puppet pals"Jerry Mahoney","Knuclehead Smiff" and "Oswald"perform comedy skits and introduce variety acts.
The Paw-Paws (1985 - 1987)
The Paw-Paws was the 3rd cartoon of The Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera alongside with The Challenge Of The GoBots, The Jetsons, Yogi's Treasure Hunt, and Galtar And The Golden Lance. This series tells a story about a group of small Native American type bear cubs calling themselves the Paw-Paw Bea...
PAW Patrol (2013 - Current)
a Canadian CGI–animated television series created by Keith Chapman. It is produced by Spin Master Entertainment in association with TVOntario and Nickelodeon, with animation provided by Guru Studio. In Canada, the series is primarily broadcast on TVOntario, which first ran previews of the show in Au...
PB&J Otter (1998 - 2000)
Peanut (the big brother), Jelly (his sister), and Baby Butter (their baby sister) Otter live on a houseboat on the shore of Lake Hoohaw, along with all of their friends. Whenever they get into a situation where they need to think, they perform "The Noodle Dance" until one of them gets an idea.This s...
PBA on ESPN (1979 - Current)
When ESPN was launched in 1979, it did first brought live coverage of the PBA Bowling tour.
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