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Pappyland (1994 - 1998)
Pappyland was a children's live action television show that began on September 1, 1994 and ended a few years later. The show starred Michael Cariglio as Pappy Drewitt, an artist/49er type character who lived in a magical cabin in a bizarre land with many different creatures and people. More than hal...
Paradise Kiss (2005 - Current)
a 12 episode anime series, produced by Aniplex and Studio Madhouse and which was aired in Japan on Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block and on the anime television network, Animax, who have broadcast the series across its respective networks worldwide, including Japan, Southeast Asia, South Asia an...
Paramount Screen Songs (1929 - 1951)
A cartoon series that pioneered the Bouncing Ball sing along format . The first cartoon disturbuted for theaters by Paramount Pictures is The Sidewalks of New York. Famous Studios put Screen Songs in color, starting with the Noveltoon Old MacDonald Had A Farm, then spun-off the the Screen Song name...
Paranoia Agent (2004 - 2004)
A detective follows mysterious attacks in Tokyo.
Parappa the Rapper (1999 - 2001)
Cartoon based on the video game.
Pardon the Interruption (2001 - Current)
Pardon the Interruption (abbreviated PTI) is a sports television show that airs weekdays on various ESPN TV channels. It is hosted by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon who discuss, and frequently argue over, the top stories of the day in "sports... and other stuff" (as Kornheiser put it in the show...
The Parent 'Hood (1999 - 2000)
For today's baby boomer parents, raising a family can not only be tricky, but can be extremely hazardous, especially leading kids through the treacherous maze from childhood, into their teens and then finally adulthood. Life in the Peterson household is no exception. But thank to the unpredictable a...
Parenthood (1990 - 1991)
Spawned by the 1989 hit film, this show delivered seriocomic vignettes on rearing children, revolving around four generations of a middle-class California family. Ron Howard, who directed the feature film, was one of six executive producers for the series. Leonardo DiCaprio played 13-year-old Garry...
Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1991 - 1993)
Just Like Ferris Buller with a 90's setting......COOLNESS
The Parkers (1999 - 2004)
This show was a spin-off of the popular sitcom Moesha. It shows Kim and Nikki enroll into Santa Monica Junior College in Santa Monica, California. While Kim was initially bothered by the thought of her mother attending college with her, she eventually came to accept it, and they both grew closer bec...
Quote O' Matic
  • After the crash in Arizona...

    Ellen: I think I broke my nose
    Rusty: I stabbed my brain.
    Audrey: I just got my period.
  • National Lampoon's Vacation