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Out of the Box (1998 - 2004)
Out of Of the Box was a very popular show for many kids who are now Teen agers with some of the greatest songs of all times in the show it was great! They were known for making craft and doing hands on things in the box! They would act out plays and it was a younger of the 1990's dream playhouse the...
Out of Control (1984 - 1988)
Cut-it-out! This was a super fun variety show on Nickelodeon with some very colorful characters. It taught many valuable lessons on how NOT to do things. Comedian Dave Coulier stars as the even-keeled host Dave, whose signature catchphrase was "Cut—it—out!"; which was a catchphrase Coulier would lat...
Out of this World (1987 - 1991)
The Out Of This World television show was about a young girl with unique special powers. She could stop time by placing her two index fingers together. She also has an alien father which no one gets to ever see. She talks to him for advice at the start and end of every episode outside a window in he...
The Outsiders (1990 - 1990)
Francis Ford Coppola and S.E. Hinton's 14-episode follow-up to the 1983 movie, which builds on each character from the film immensely. Series finale (entitled "Breaking the Maiden") reaches an optimistic conclusion to the story of the group's troubled youth.
Over the garden wall (2014 - 2014)
an American animated television miniseries created by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network
Over My Dead Body (1990 - 1991)
Ovide Video (1987 - 1988)
Ovide and his gang of friends live on an island in the middle of no-where and have lots of fun adventures. They also try to outsmart the evil baddie snake "Cy" and his sidekick bobo. The show was originally a production of the Netherlands and 65 episodes were made in 1987. More media here: http://...
Ovide Video and the Gang (1987 - 1988)
Ovide Video and the Gang was a 1980s animated TV show. It stars a blue Platypus named Ovide Video who lives on a non-descript South Seas island, where he has adventures with his friends and thwarts Cyrus and Bobo, the show's villains. Ovide and the Gang was produced by the Canadian animation studio...
OWL TV (1988 - 1994)
Science/educational show featuring various segments and characters. Based on OWL Magazine. THIS IS THE GREAT SHOW EVER WATCH ON TV.
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