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The Noozles (1988 - 1989)
Noozles was based on the basic storyline of a girl named Sandy, who gets a stuffed Koala bear from her grandmother (who got it from a package lost at sea for many years). When Sandy nuzzled its nose, he came to life. His name was Blinky. Soon, his sister Pinky came along and she wanted to take h...
Noozles (1984 - Current)
also known as The Wondrous Koala Blinky, is a 26-episode anime by Nippon AnimationCompany that was originally released in Japan in 1984. It depicts the adventures of a 12-year-old girl named Sandy and her koala friends, Blinky and Pinky, who are from the extra-dimensional realm of Koalawalla Land. N...
Noozles (1988 - 1993)
The Noozles was a light cartoon show that made use of Koalas. The show centered on the adventures of Sandy, a twelve year old girl, a stuffed koala bear named Blinky that came to life when you rubbed your nose with his, and Blinky's sister Pinky (who had the same voice as Angelica from Rugrats). Thi...
NoraKuro (1970 - 1971)
NoraKuro is a Dog that fights in the Armed Force's, This Anime lasted for 26 episodes and first aired on Japanese TV on 10/5/1970 and the last episode first aired on 3/29/1971 and the show was never released in the USA.
Norman Normal (2000 - 2003)
"Norman Normal" is a French-German cartoon series, which aired in the 2000-2003 years. A 13-years-old boy Norman lives with his family. He is alone in his family, who has not gotten any super power because he, as opposed to the other members of his family, did not stand near the microwave, which ex...
Northern Exposure (1990 - 1995)
Joel Fleishman is fresh out of medical college, and fresh out of luck. Failing to read the fine print in his scholarship conditions, he finds he has no choice but to move to the remote and somewhat eccentric town of Cicely, in the wilds of Alaska. Once there, he is welcomed by the peculiar locals wh...
North and South (1985 - 1985)
A Mini Series based on Civil War characters and the friendship of the Hazzard family of South Carolina and the Main family of Pennsylvania and how that bond of friendship was tried by the Civil War.
No Soap, Radio (1983 - 1983)
Short-lived surreal comedy sketch show, hosted by Steve Guttenberg, that somewhat evoked the sensibilities of Ernie Kovacs.
Nothing In Common (1987 - 1987)
A young advertising executive(Todd Waring)lives with his crotchety retired father(Bill Macy).This show is based on the 1986 film of the same name.
Not Necessarily the News (1983 - 1990)
Show that was on HBO that made fun of politics in a satirical way. It was like fake news/SNL/John Stewart type of comedy
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  • Kaoru: Ahh, so this is Haruhi's house?
    Hikaru: It's pretty big. I didn't expect this.
    Honey: There're so many rooms!
    Kyouya: No, actually this is what they call a commoners' condominium building. Haruhi's home is most likely just one of these units
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