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Lucky Star (2007 - 2007)
Portrays the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese high school with a very loose humor tone. The main heroine is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club, and her grades remain low. Her laziness at school is due to her love fo...
The Lucy Show (1962 - 1968)
The wacky misadventures of a forever scheming woman, her reluctant best friend and her cantankerous boss.
The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour (1957 - 1960)
A hour-long continuation of I Love Lucy. Lucy and her husband, Ricky Ricardo, are living in the country with their best friends and old landlords. Was also titled "We Love Lucy" and re-edited to 30 minutes in some markets when presented in reruns.
Lunar Legend Tsukihime (2003 - 2003)
Shiki Toono sustained a life threatening injury as a child, and due to that incident he was sent away from the Toono household and was given to a relative to be raised. Years later, when Shiki is in high school, the head of the Toono household—his father—dies, and he is ordered to move back in by hi...
Lunch Box (1988 - 1997)
Lunch Box was a preschooler block on The Disney Channel. It features cartoons adaptations of Children's books (Such as Spot the Dog, Paddington Bear, and other kids books).
Lunch With Soupy Sales/The Soupy Sales Show (1959 - 1962)
ABC TV Network Saturday Afternoons:October 3,1959 -March 25,1961 Friday Nights:January 29,1962-April 13,1962 Host/Performer:Soupy Sales,Head Puppeteer/Comedy Assistant:Clyde Adler.
Lupin the 3rd (1972 - 2012)
This show is like japans answer to James Bond. This was the most popular character in japan for over 20 years. Arsene' Lupin III is the worlds greatest thief. Together with his cohorts Disuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa, and Fugiko Mine, Lupin travels the world pulling heist after heist. Each heist would...
Lupin the III: Series One (1971 - 1972)
The first series in the franchise was never released in the USA until 2012. The anime follows the adventures of Arsene Lupin's grandson who continues his legacy in a more modern society.
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