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The Jim Henson Hour (1989 - 1990)
Jim henson updated the muppet show in this hour long series. The Jim Henson Hour was modeled after the old Walt Disney Presents specials, in which every week Disney would show off the latest innovations and creations of his production company. At the beginning of each episode, Jim Henson would en...
Jim Jam and Sunny (2006 - 2008)
a children's television programme that aired on the CITV channel. It first aired on 20 November 2006.Jim Jam is 3, and his older sister Sunny is 4, Whenever they enter their magical room, the toys come to life, and they have many adventures together.Main characters Edit Jim Jam: A 3-year-old boy. Ha...
Jimmy Kimmel Live (2003 - Current)
Jimmy Kimmel Live is a late night talk show on ABC starring Jimmy Kimmel. It debut in 2003.
Jimmy Two-Shoes / Jimmy Cool (2009 - 2012)
Jimmy Two-Shoes (known as Jimmy Cool in most parts of Europe) is a Canadian animated television series that aired on Disney XD in the USA, Teletoon in Canada, and Jetix (Disney XD) in the United Kingdom. The series were centered on the exploits of the happy-go-lucky title character, who lives in Mis...
Jinki: Extend (2005 - Current)
a 13-episode mecha anime series that aired on TV Asahi in 2005 as well as a currently running manga series. It takes place in two parts, in Venezuela during 1988 (Jinki), and in Tokyo, Japan in 1991 (Jinki: Extend.) The story revolves around two girls who end up piloting giant humanoid robots called...
Joanie Loves Chachi (1982 - 1983)
In this spin off of"Happy Days",Joanie Cunningham(Erin Moran)and Chachi Arcola(Scott Baio) move to Chicago to pursue music careers.The show was short lived,lasting only 17 espisodes.After cancellation,Moran and Baio returned to"Happy Days".Ellen Travolta and Al Molinaro co-starred.
The Joan Rivers Show (1989 - 1994)
Daytime talk show hosted by comedian Joan Rivers following the demise of Fox's The Late Show in 1987.
Joe Bash (1986 - 1986)
A short lived dark comedy starring Peter Boyle as a cynical New York City cop.
Joe Forrester (1975 - 1976)
Joe and Jack (2012 - 2014)
Joe and Jack is a Canadian/Irish/British/American children's television series airing on Qubo in the United States, and Tiny Pop in the United Kingdom. The series follows a 4-year-old Irish boy named Joe, and his best friend, a blue cat named Jack. Together, they go on adventures using their imagina...
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