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It Takes a Thief (1968 - 1970)
It Takes A Thief was an intrigue TV series about an international cat burglar who got caught but was given his freedom provided he worked with a government security agency to steal from those who would threaten our nation's security. The show starred Robert Wagner as Alexander Mundy, the thief tur...
ITV News Newscasts (UK) (1955 - Current)
The news bulletins of ITV News in the UK, that delivers news from the UK and around the world, everyday and everynight since 1955.
Ivor the Engine (1959 - 1976)
Ivor the Engine is about a little engine that work in Wales.
I Was a Sixth Grade Alien! (1999 - 2001)
Daniel Clark as Tim Tomkins, the Best Friend Ryan Cooley as Pleskit, the Alien Panou as Robert McNally, the Bodyguard Jennifer Wigmore as Ms. Weintraub, the Teacher Gina Clayton as Ms. Buttsman, the Protocol/Press Secretary Julian Richings as Meenom, the Alien's Father Leah Cudmor...
Iznogoud (1995 - 1995)
This is a show about Iznogoud, the Sultans right hand which Iznogoud is NOT pleased to be. He wants to be the Sultan himself! So every episode is about him and his not so trusty sidekick Wa'at Alahf where they plan how to throw him off the throne, but always ends in mischief for poor Iznogoud
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