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In Search of Happiness (1995 - 1995)
Angus Deayton as Himself Original Episode # Prod # Air Date Episode Title _____ ______ _________ ___________ ___________________________________________ 1st Series 1995 1- 1 15 Oct 95 A Change for the Better 1- 2 22 Oct 9...
Insektors (1994 - 1997)
Insektors was about two insect like races inhabiting the planet Karbon; the Yuks and the Joyces. The Yuks lived in a large, dark tree stump, and lived lives of missery, while the Joyces lived in a lush field of colors, flowers and music. It was the goal of the Yuks, lead by prime minister Krabo to...
Inside the Actors Studio (1994 - Current)
documentary series, host: James Lipton
Inside Edition (1989 - Current)
This American television weekday newsmagazine program features a mix of hard news stories, entertainment news and gossips, scandals, true-crime stories and lifestyle features.
Inside The NFL (1977 - Current)
Inside the NFL first premiered September 14, 1977 on HBO Sports, until its ending on February 2008. Then, the program was reborn September 10, 2008, this time on their new home: Showtime Sports. On September 3, 2014, the show began airing on NFL Network, this time slightly different, slotted into...
The Insiders (1985 - 1986)
The Insiders was a mid-1980s American television detective series starring Nicholas Campbell, Stoney Jackson and Gail Strickland. The one season program aired the hour before Monday Night Football. It was directed by Robby Roth, presently known for the popular series "Prison Break." Many people w...
Insides Out (1999 - 2000)
a children's television game show. Its theme was the human body, and involved games that included body parts. A total of thirty episodes were made over two series, lasting from 15 September 1999 to 22 December 2000. It was presented by Mark Speight and Marsali Stewart, with co-presenter Otis the Aar...
The Inside Story (1980 - 1995)
The Inside Story was a PBS television series featuring John Burstein as "Slim Goodbody". Slim Goodbody "the Superhero of Health" is a character created by John Burstein. Slim wears a flesh-colored body suit with various anatomy features painted on it. Burstein created the character in 1975. He began...
Inside the Trinity Family of Networks (2014 - Current)
Hosted by Matt & Laurie Crouch, who provide daily updates of the ministries & activities taking place each day at TBN locally and around the world.
Insight (1960) (1960 - 1985)
This American religious-themed weekly anthology series about illuminating the contemporary search for meaning, freedom, and love.
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  • "You violated our privacy! That is wrong! Isn't it, Slater?!"
    "Uhhh...yeah, Preppie, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! I'm disgusted! Next time, bring me."
    - Jessie and Slater in Jessie's Song
  • Saved by the Bell