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Survival Game (1987)
Double-crossed by both the gangsters and the police, Michael must use his martial-arts talent to rescue his girlfriend's dad.
Tell Me A Riddle (1980)
Touching story of elderly couple David and Eva who go on one last journey across the USA when they discover Eva is dying, ending up with their granddaughter Jeannie in San Francisco.
The Great Smokey Roadblock (1977)
This movie is about an aging trucker named Elegant John Howard. Howard decides he and his truck Elenor has one more good run in them, and with the help of a hitchhiker and a few others he will make it happen.
Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987)
A writer named Tim Madden finds himself in a dark web of chaos after an alcoholic blackout.
Big Trouble (2002) (2002)
The lives of several Miami denizens, from ad agents to gunrunners to street thugs to law enforcement to school-children, intersect with humorous and dangerous results.
Disorganized Crime (1989)
Career criminal Frank plans a bank heist and sends for his buddies to help pull the job. Before his buddies arrive, he's caught, forcing his cohorts to pull the job alone. Frank soon escapes, setting off a search by the bumbling cops.
Gun Shy (2000)
An undercover DEA agent almost gets killed, and to continue with his mission he needs to attend group therapy.
Taking Care Of Business (1990)
An uptight advertising exec has his entire life in a filofax organizer which mistakenly ends up in the hands of a friendly convict who poses as him.
The Ice Harvest (2005)
A shady lawyer attempts a Christmas Eve crime, hoping to swindle the local mob out of some money. But his partner, a strip club owner, might have different plans for the cash.
The Real McCoy (1993)
A woman is released from prison, an expert bank robber who wants to settle down and go straight, but her parole officer and her former employer try to get her to pull one more heist.
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  • Brian: I can touch an object and listen to the sound of its color.
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