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Joe (1970)
Two men, Bill, a wealthy conservative, and Joe, a far-right factory worker, form a dangerous bond after Bill confesses to murdering his daughter's drug dealer boyfriend to Joe.
The Happy Hooker (1975)
Having emigrated to New York and immediately got the kiss-off from her mother-besotted fiance, a Dutch lass takes a well-paid office job and starts liberally sampling the local male talent. After a while she decides to make her pleasure her business too, and as her reputation grows she graduates to...
The Happy Hooker Goes To Washington (1977)
The world's most famous madame is called to Washington to testify before Congress.
The Lighthorsemen (1987)
In 1917 when the British forces are bogged down in front of the Turkish and German lines in Palestine they rely on the Australian light horse regiment to break the deadlock.
Bring It On Again (2004)
Bring It On Again is a 2004 American direct-to-video cheerleading comedy film directed by Damon Santostefano and starring Anne Judson-Yager and Bree Turner. This film, which is a sequel to Bring It On, has a tenuous link to its predecessor, featuring only a similar plot of competing cheerleading te...
Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)
Bring It On: All or Nothing (previously known as Bring It On Yet Again) is a 2006 American comedy film directed by Steve Rash and starring Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles-Smith. This film, which is the second sequel to Bring It On, has a tenuous link to its predecessors, featuring only a simi...
Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007)
Bring It On: In It to Win It is a 2007 American teen film directed by Steve Rash and starring Ashley Benson, Cassandra Scerbo and Michael Copon. It is the fourth installment in the Bring It On film series, which focuses on competitive cheerleading. It was shot at Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando...
Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)
Bring It On: Fight to the Finish is a 2009 American teen comedy film starring Christina Milian, Rachele Brooke Smith, Cody Longo, Vanessa Born, Gabrielle Dennis and Holland Roden. In this film, Lina Cruz and her family move from the urban streets of East Los Angeles to the sunny beach town of Malibu...
Bring It On: Worldwide Cheersmack (2017)
In an attempt to take down rival cheer squad The Truth, cheer captain Destiny decides that she will bring Blake and his male street dancers onto her squad, The Rebels. Despite best intentions, the two groups do not mesh well together initially.
One Million Years B.C. (1966)
From Hammer Film Productions. Tumak (John Richardson) is outcaste by the Rock Tribe and he stumbles upon Loana (Raquel Welch) of the Shell Tribe and soon have adventures together such as encountering dinosaurs and rival cavepeople. Featuring stop-motion effects by Ray Harryhausen.
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