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Picnic at Hanging Rock(1975)
The story of the mystery in which during a girls school picnic at Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia on St Valentines Day in 1900, three girls as well as their teacher climb the rock and vanish.
We of the Never Never(1983)
The events of a wife that arise when she travels to a remote cattle station to join her husband there in the Northern Territory in 1900.
Alex Rose and Nancy Kendricks are a young, professional, New York couple in search of their dream home. When they finally find the perfect Brooklyn brownstone they are giddy with anticipation. The duplex is a dream come true, complete with multiple fireplaces, except for one thing: Mrs. Connelly, th...
Next of Kin(1982)
A series of unusual occurrences begin to happen when a young woman whose mother has just died inherits an old peoples home.
Storm Boy(1976)
A boy who lives with his father on the South Australian coast is befriended by a local aborigine and adopts a pelican who has been orphaned by hunters.
Long Weekend(1978)
A loutish married couple who have no regard for nature go for a camping holiday in the wilderness and become entrapped in a series of bizarre events that are beyond their control.
Brilliant Lies(1996)
An administrative tribunal must decide who is telling the truth and also who is lying when an erstwhile secretary accuses her manager of sexual harassment and files for $40,000, which he denies.
Children of the Revolution(1996)
An Australian communist woman travels to Russia where she has a one-night sexual encounter with Josef Stalin, after which he dies. The woman then goes home where she has her son and watches him mimicking his father's insurrectionary deportment as he matures.
High Tide(1987)
A woman who is left stranded in a coastal town after she is sacked from her job as backing vocalist for an Elvis Presley impersonator meets the adolescent daughter who she abandoned as an infant and has since been brought up by her grandmother.
Don's Party(1976)
A group of friends get together for a party at the home of one of them while watching the 1969 Australian federal election.
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