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Daddy Day Camp(2007)
Charlie and Phil take their kids to Camp Driftwood for summer vacation, but once there, they discover that Camp Driftwood is no longer the kindhearted camp site of its time. To save the site, Charlie and Phil buy it and turn it into Daddy Day Camp. They run into misadventures along the way, though t...
Daddy Day Care(2003)
Charlie Hinton is a hardworking father whose wife Kim has just gone back to work as a lawyer. They enroll their child, Ben, in Chapman Academy, a very academic pre-school headed by Miss Harridan. Soon after, Charlie is laid off. In need of money, he opens up a day care center, Daddy Day Care, with t...
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale(1994)
Set in the early 17th century, a New England Patuxet is captured by English settlers. He is then taken to England but escapes with a group of men, along with Epenow, a Nauset from Martha's Vineyard who was also captured by the English. When the English ship arrives in Plymouth England, Squanto and...
Saludos Amigos(1942)
One of six Disney "package films" developed during the World War II era. Set in Latin America, it is made up of four different segments; Donald Duck stars in two of them and Goofy stars in one. It also features the first appearance of José Carioca, the Brazilian parrot. Saludos Amigos was popular en...
The Core(2003)
The only way to save Earth from catastrophe is to drill down to the core and set it spinning again.
Vanity Fair(2004)
Growing up poor in London, Becky Sharp defies her poverty-stricken background and ascends the social ladder alongside her best friend, Amelia.
The life and career of the legendary popular music pianist, Ray Charles.
A film starring Jerry Springer as-essentially himself- as Jerry Farrelly, host of a show similar to his own, in this case called simply Jerry. There are three ongoing plots in the film. The primary one surrounds a white trash, trailer park family in which the daughter is sleeping with her mother's h...
The Natural(1984)
An average baseball player comes out of seemingly nowhere to become a legendary player with almost divine talent.
Strange Days(1995)
A former cop turned street-hustler accidentally uncovers a police conspiracy in 1999 Los Angeles.
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