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X: The Unknown (1956)
Radioactive mud-like creature terrorizes a Scottish village during the 1950's.
Xanadu (1980)
Sonny Malone (Michael Beck) is an artist, who is forced to go back to work when his plans to freelance don't pay off. Unhappy and stuck in a dead end job, he gets a little heavenly intervention in the form of Kira (Olivia Newton John, "Grease"). So when Sonny meets aging clarinet player Danny McGu...
XChange (2000)
This science fiction thriller is set in a future where new technology allows travelers to save time and effort by transporting their minds into a body waiting at their chosen destination. However, a public relations man learns of the potential dangers of this new service when his body is taken over...
Xtro (1983)
For those with a taste for the repugnant comes this gory blood-and-guts fest that tells the horrific story of a British fellow who gets kidnapped by aliens and three years later is returned carrying infectious spores that have transformed him into a kind of crab thingy that causes all kinds of perve...
Xtro 2: The Second Encounter (1991)
When an experiment to send three volunteers to another dimension fails, only one comatose survivor is brought back. However, when the scientists discover that the volunteer carried a deadly creature back with her, they must struggle to destroy the creature before it destroys them.
Xtro 3: Watch The Skies (1995)
Marines on a deserted island are ordered to disfuse bombs, but then an alien creature terrorizes them.
xXx (2002)
xXx (spoken as "Triple X") is a 2002 action film starring Vin Diesel, who stars as the rebellious Genius Bruiser Xander Cage, a fugitive stuntman pressed into service by the NSA chief Samuel L. Jackson. What follows is a series of action-movie-setting "tests" of Xander to see if he is ready for the...
xXx: State of the Union (2005)
xXx: State of the Union, released as xXx┬▓: The Next Level outside the United States and Canada, is a 2005 action film directed by Lee Tamahori. It is a sequel to the 2002 film xXx (pronounced "triple x"). The film was produced by Revolution Studios for Columbia Pictures. Vin Diesel and Rob Cohen, t...
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  • Danny: "Look, Snake. From here, the angle of trajectory...Oh, great. Look who I'm talking to. Mr. S.A.Ts."
  • Running Scared