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Rock & Rule (1983)
The war was over....the only survivors were street animals. Dogs, cats, and rats....from them a new race of mutants evolved. That was a long time ago. Mok, a legendary superrocker, has retired to Ohmtown. There his computers work at deciphering an ancient code that could open the door from her...
Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979)
A perky young "Rock n' Roller" whose rebellous additude is causing her and her friends to get in trouble at school with their mean principal, recruit the famous rock group, The Ramones, to turn the school upside-down!
Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever (1991)
Those rambunctious kids are back in school and back in trouble in a smash sequel to the 1978 worldwide hit. Corey Feldman leads a rock and roll rally at Ronald Reagon High, but must triumph over the evil plans of the school's fascist principal, Vadar, who wants to halt the school dance and run their...
Rock-A-Doodle (1992)
When Chanticleer the Rooster (Glenn Campbell) is tricked into leaving town to seek fame as an Elvis-style Las Vegas singer, his farm is plunged into eternal darkness. This animated musical from Don Bluth centers on a young farm boy who embarks on a magical journey into the animal world to try and br...
The Rock-afire Explosion (2008)
This documentary explores the history behind Showbiz Pizza's animatronic band as well as their dedicated fanbase.
The Rocketeer (1991)
After getting his start as a visual effects artist on the original Star Wars trilogy, Spielberg protege Joe Johnston found success as a director with his debut film, the blockbuster family adventure Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. For his sophomore outing, Johnston created this action-adventurer, set in 1...
RocketMan (1997)
Fred Randall, a bumbling computer nerd, is picked as a last-minute replacement for the first manned mission to Mars. He soon becomes NASA's worst nightmare. A very hillarious movie that will have you on the floor laughing.
Rocketman (2019)
This biographical musical film based on the life of musician Elton John (Taron Egerton).
Rocketship X-M (1950)
An astronaut crew of 4 men and one woman on their way to the Moon, are unexpectedly propelled by gravitational forces and end up on Mars instead.
Rockin? with the Chipmunks (1990)
A special look of the Chipmunks' past throughout the decades. Will Smith hosts this special. This special appears to be a mix of live-action and cartoon animation. Songs: "Sleigh Ride", "Crocodile Rock", "Melody: Surfin' Safari, She Love You, and Satisfaction". Includes a new christmas vide...
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