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Rabbit Test (1978)
Lionel's life turns around after a one-night stand on top of a pinball table... he becomes the world's first pregnant man!
Rabid (1977)
A young woman(Marilyn Chambers),after having plastic surgery,develops a taste for human blood.The woman begins attacking people,draining their blood,and turning them into cannibalistic zombies.
Rabid Grannies (1988)
When given a demonic present by their black sheep nephew two kindly old grannies are transformed into demons who proceed to gorily knock-off their greedy relatives.
The Raccoons: Let's Dance! (1984)
The Raccoons Lets Dance the last of four special films made
The Raccoons And The Lost Star (1983)
"The Raccoons and the Lost Star" is the last totally original Raccoons special before the coming of the regular series in 1985. (As a sidenote, it is also the first exposure I had to the Raccoons as a whole!) It premiered in December of 1983 and was originally shown in two parts either across two da...
The Raccoons and the Lost Star (1983)
The Raccoons and the Lost Star was a precursor to the critically-acclaimed animated series The Raccoons and debuted in 1983. It came after the first Raccoons seasonal specials, which were The Christmas Raccoons in 1980 and The Raccoons on Ice in 1981. There are some thematic elements that don't exis...
The Raccoons On Ice (1981)
The Raccoons on Ice" was the second of four Raccoons specials. Like the other specials (the made-for-TV ones at least), it was seen in the U.S., Canada, and England (on BBC). It was also the first North American animated special selected for viewing on The Disney Channel. It's winter time in the Ev...
Race (1998)
Tom Musca directed this social satire on the United States electoral system. The comedy-drama explores how class and race divisions impact on the process when a Chicano housepainter in East Los Angeles decides to run for the city council. Pressured by his wife (Annette Murphy), Gustavo Alvarez (Paul...
Race For The Yankee Zephyr (1981)
In a lake high in the mountains of New Zealand hunter Gibbie Gibson discovers a plane wreck from ww-ii. When he tells it around, a gang of crooks follows and threatens him and his daughter, because they know there are 50 million dollars in the wreck. Helicopter pilot Barney helps Gibbie against them...
Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977)
The Peanuts gang attend a summer camp named, Camp Remote. During their time Charlie Brown and crew are introduced in harshness of the camp and are soon picked on by three bullies. They have won a raft race every year at the camp (especially through cheating) and soon all the gang join the race being...
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  • Charles: You hooked me like a fish, Bender. You scaled me, you gutted me, you stuffed me and fried me, chewed me up, swallowed me, and shat me out again!
  • The Road to Wellville