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The Ryan White Story (1989)
Made for TV movie about Ryan White, a 13-year-old hemopheliac who contracted AIDS from factor VIII, which was used to control this disorder.In 1985, not many people knew the truth about AIDS. Not very much was known about AIDS. Ryan faced a lot of discrimination, mostly based on the unknown. His sch...
RV (2006)
California businessman Bob Munro is struggling with his dysfunctional family which consist of his possessive wife Jaime, his spoiled daughter Cassie, and his young son body-building and hip-hop fanatic Carl. After he embarrasses his boss Todd at a company picnic, he is punished by having to present...
The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (1978)
Charts the adventures of the prefab four, possibly the most famous band of all time.
Ruthless People (1986)
Sam Stone is a clothing manufacturer, who married his wife Barbara, for the money that she was suppose to inherit from her dying father, but her father didn't die for another fifteen years. He is now planning to kill her and is on his way home to do just that but when he gets there, she's not there....
Russkies (1987)
It is during the Cold War and all Americans have a view of Russians as one thing: bad people. A group of American boys discovers a Russian sailor washed up on the coast of Florida and decide to befriend him, assuming that he is friendly and will bring them no danger and thus go against the ideas of...
The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (1966)
Without hostile intent, a Soviet submarine runs aground off New England. Men are sent for a boat, but many villagers go into a tizzy, risking bloodshed.
The Russia House (1990)
An expatriate British publisher unexpectedly finds himself working for British intelligence to investigate people in Russia.
Rushmore (1998)
Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman, THE DARJEELING LIMITED, SHOPGIRL) is a precocious 15-year-old whose reason for living is his attendance at Rushmore, a private school where he's not doing well in any of his classes, but where he's the king of extracurricular activities - from being in the beekeeping...
Rush Hour 3 (2007)
Chinese ambassador Han announces that he has learned of the whereabouts of Shey Shin, a mystical being of great importance to the Triads. When the ambassador is assassinated, Inspector Lee gives chase to find that the culprit is his own Japanese father.
Rush Hour 2 (2001)
When James Carter goes on a vacation to Hong Kong to visit his good friend Chief Inspector Lee planning to just have a good time, a bomb soon explodes at the United States Consulate General. Inspector Lee is assigned to the case and soon finds out that Rocky Tan, the friend of his officer father may...
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