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Queens Logic (1991)
Ray (Ken Olin) is a young adult and has a girlfriend that he lives with quite happily. However, the agreed-on date of their marriage is coming up, and he's not quite sure he wants to make that kind of commitment. His buddies Dennis, Elliot, and Vinny have their own commitment problems. Dennis (Kevin...
Quest for Camelot (1998)
The movie is about a young girl named Kayley, who wanted to be a knight like her father, Sir Lionel. When Kayley's mother kidnapped by Ruber, Kayley go to the Forriben Forest and met Garret, the blind boy, and the two-headed dragon, Devon and Cornwall.
Quest for Fire (1981)
In the prehistoric world, a Cro-Magnon tribe depends on an ever-burning source of fire, which eventually extinguishes. Lacking the knowledge to start a new fire, the tribe sends three warriors (Everett McGill, Ron Perlman, Nameer El-Kadi) on a quest for more. With the tribe's future at stake, the wa...
Quest For Love (1971)
After a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong during a demonstration, a scientist finds himself trapped in an alternate reality that bears some similarities to our own, but also has some striking differences. In this other reality the Second World War had never occurred, mankind had not yet trav...
Questions (2008)
On the evening of his 40th birthday, Harvey Furst seems to have it all. A successful musician of renown, he is engaged to be married to a beautiful fashion model. For a while now he's been hearing a certain 7 note melody in his mind, over and over, but is unable to remember it after a few seconds. U...
Quest of the Delta Knights (1993)
Travis (nicknamed Tee) is young boy who sold into slavery but when Beggar named Baydool buys him from the slave market he teaches him the ways for the legendary Delta Knights. Tee grows up trained to lead a legendary prophecy as Baydool's apprentice. Tee becomes a Delta knight teaming up with Leonar...
Quick (1993)
Quick is based on a series of adventure novels featuring a gorgeous hitwoman. When the title character, played by Teri Polo, is set up by her boss, she takes — well — quick action. Abducting the mob witness (Martin Donovan) whom she'd been hired to kill, Quick runs off to parts unknown. As t...
The Quick and the Dead (1995)
Ellen, an unknown female gunslinger rides into a small, dingy and depressing prairie town with a secret as to her reason for showing up. Shortly after her arrival, a local preacher, Cort, is thrown through the saloon doors while townfolk are signing up for a gun competition. The pot is a huge sum of...
Quicksilver (1986)
A Yuppie named Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon) makes a mistake that costs him his job. Now he has a new job as a messenger biker. He falls in love with a co-worker named Terri (Jami Gertz) and tries his best to avoid a drug dealer who has it in for his new friend Voodoo (Laurence Fishburne).
Quicksilver Highway (1997)
Body parts take on a life of their own in these two below-par horror stories made for television. In one story, a pair of teeth bite into a nasty hitchhiker at an opportune moment, and in the other, an artificially attached hand leaves the body it belongs to and takes off for a series of adventures.
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