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The Gypsy Moths (1969)
Three skydivers and their traveling thrill show barnstorm through a small Midwestern town one Fourth of July weekend.
Gypsy (1962)
Based on the Broadway hit about the life and times of burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee and her aggressive stage mother, Mama Rose.
Gym Teacher: The Movie (2008)
Dave Stewie (Christopher Meloni) is a middle school PE teacher who sees a forthcoming award as a way to redeem himself of his greatest regret, a failure to make the 1988 US Olympic Team. Meanwhile, Roland Waffle (Nathan Kress) is a new transfer student who is completely non-athletic and wears a helm...
The Gymnast (2006)
The stunning Dreya Weber stars as a former top gymnast who discovers love and a new life path when she teams up with a dancer (played by former L.A. Lakers cheerleader Addie Yungmee) for an ambitious Las Vegas aerial act show.
Gymkata (1985)
Gymkata is a 1985 film starring Kurt Thomas as Jonathan Cabot, an Olympic gymnast who combines his gymnastic ability with karate to enter a deadly competition in a fictional Middle Eastern country. It is based on the novel The Terrible Game (1957) by Dan Tyler Moore. The film has developed a minor c...
Gwendoline (1984)
Young Gwendoline (Tawny Kitaen) finds herself in China on the way to find her father. On her adventure, she's assisted by an intrepid adventurer named Willard (Brent Huff) and the equally adventurous Beth (Zabou Breitman). This movie has also been released under the title "The Perils Of Gwendolin...
Guy X (2005)
A black comedy set in 1979, about a soldier mistakenly posted to an Arctic military base.
Guyver: Dark Hero (1994)
Sean Barker became the unwilling host to an alien bio-armor known as the Guyver. A year ago he destroyed the Kronos Corporation, an organization of mutants who want the Guyver. Now he is trying to find why the Guyver unit forces him to fight and kill evil. He is lead to an archelogical site where sc...
The Guyver (1991)
A young man discovers a mechanical device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg superhero. When strange creatures start appearing, trying to take the device back, he begins to uncover a secret plot to genetically engineer terrifying monsters.
Gus Brown And Midnight Brewster (1985)
Two G. I. buddies leave the army. One is from the country and the other is from the city. They try to make their fortune racing greyhounds.
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