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Daddy's Girl (1996)
An adopted girl becomes obsessed with her new father(William Katt).The girl soon becomes possessive and murders anyone that gets too close to her father.
Daddy Day Camp (2007)
Charlie and Phil take their kids to Camp Driftwood for summer vacation, but once there, they discover that Camp Driftwood is no longer the kindhearted camp site of its time. To save the site, Charlie and Phil buy it and turn it into Daddy Day Camp. They run into misadventures along the way, though t...
Daddy Day Care (2003)
Charlie Hinton is a hardworking father whose wife Kim has just gone back to work as a lawyer. They enroll their child, Ben, in Chapman Academy, a very academic pre-school headed by Miss Harridan. Soon after, Charlie is laid off. In need of money, he opens up a day care center, Daddy Day Care, with t...
Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island (1983)
Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island (also known as Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island) is a 1983 Looney Tunes film with a compilation of classic Warner Bros. cartoon shorts and animated bridging sequences, hosted by Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales. This was the first Looney Tunes compilation film to cent...
Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (1988)
In this feature-length film combining footage from classic Warner Brothers cartoon shorts with newly animated bridging sequences, Daffy Duck, after having induced laughter in an ailing millionaire and forestalled the millionaire's death for a time (as chronicled in Daffy Dilly (1948), is the benefic...
Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies (1973)
Daffy Duck's latest film about King Arthur has been sabotaged by a mysterious phantom, so The Groovie Goolies head off to Hollywood to help out the Looney Tunes. A merging of characters from the world of Looney Tunes (minus Bugs Bunny) and The Groovie Goolies (who were spin-offs from the origin...
Daikaijû kûchûsen Gamera tai Gyaosu (2012)
Gamera's back, and just in time to save Japan from Gaos, a mysterious bat-like creature awakened by a volcanic eruption. As in the first Gamera movie, a young boy establishes an emotional link with Gamera, and the two work together, with the help of the world's scientists, to put and end to Gaos' vi...
Daisy Miller (1974)
In this comedy of manners, Frederick Winterbourne tries to figure out the bright and bubbly Daisy Miller, only to be helped and hindered by false judgments from their fellow friends.
Dallas: War of the Ewings (1998)
This is the 2nd Original Dallas reunion tv movie. Cast: Bobby Ewing - Patrick Duffy Sue Ellen Ewing - Linda Gray J.R. Ewing - Larry Hagman Jennifer Jantzen - Michelle Johnson Ray Krebbs - Steve Kanaly Carter McKay - George Kennedy Anita Smithfield - Tracy Scoggins
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