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ABBA - The Movie (1977)
ABBA: The Movie is a feature length film about the pop group ABBA's 1977 Australian tour. It was directed by Lasse Hallström, who directed most of the group's videos. The Movie has become something of a cult film among ABBA fans. The film's release coincided with the release of ABBA: The Album, tha...
Abbott & Costello Meet The invisible Man(1951) (1951)
After graduating from"Dugan's Detective School"..inept private investigators:Bud"Alexander"(Bud Abbott) and Lou"Francis"(Lou Costello)agree to help prove that former boxer"Tommy Nelson"(Arthur Franz)..who becomes invisible with the aide of a serum created by his girlfriend's uncle"Dr.Phil Grey(Gavin...
Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1953)
Two bumbling American cops in turn of the century London hunt for the monster"Mr.Hyde"..unaware that he is really "Dr.Henry Jekyll"(Boris Karloff)who has turned himself into the murderous creature with a serum...One of the cops"Tubby"(Costello)inadvertedly gets an injection of the drug and turns int...
Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
Two hapless frieght handlers find themselves encountering Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolf Man.
The ABCs Of Death (2012)
A 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty.
Abominable (2019)
A teenage girl named Yi encounters a young Yeti on the roof of her apartment building in Shanghai, names him Everest and embarks on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family at the highest point on Earth along with her mischievous friends Jin and Peng, but the trio of friends wil...
About Last Night (1986)
Danny (Rob Lowe) and Debbie (Demi Moore) are two attractive young people who begin a relationship that starts out as casual, but eventually becomes quite romantic. The two have a difficult time along the way, and they aren't helped by their friends Bernie (Jim Belushi) and Joan (Elizabeth Perkins),...
About Schmidt (2002)
A man upon retirement embarks on a journey to his estranged daughter's wedding only to discover more about himself and life than he ever expected.
Above The Law (1988)
Seagal is Nico Toscani, an Italian immigrant, American patriot, ex-CIA agent, aikido specialist, and unorthodox Chicago policeman. He is as committed to his job as he is to his personalized brand of justice: expert and thorough bone-crushing.
Above the Rim (1994)
Above the Rim is a 1994 drama film, directed by Jeff Pollack. The screenplay was written by Pollack and journalist-turned-screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper (writer of New Jack City), from a story by Pollack and Benny Medina. Starring Duane Martin, Leon, Tupac Shakur, Marlon Wayans and Christopher...
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