VinnieRattolle Posted 11 years 6 months ago
Yes, there was a different intro for Season 1 that's currently not on RJ. It opened with the narration that's quoted in the show's summary above... though I think they cut most of the narration by the end of Season 1.

No, newmessiah, this didn't air on Fox, it began on ABC's TGIF. For season 2, they bounced it around the schedule though.

And yes, not only was original Snow White Caitlyn O'Heany hotter, but she was far better suited for the role -- she exuded charm and had impeccable sitcom delivery. Season 2 replacement Carol Huston was far too stoic and out of place; she seemed better suited to be on a prime time soap than a sitcom. Allegedly O'Heany showed up on set under the influence (of something!) and was fired.
newmessiah Posted 13 years 1 month ago
I may be wrong, but wasn't this one of Fox's original shows from the network's debut? I think it was aired the same nite as "Women In Prison" and a little show called "Married... With Children". Sundays maybe?

I don't know.
lilginger Posted 13 years 4 months ago
Was there another show like this in the eighties because I remember watching a show like this but in the show I remember Snow White was younger and had no kids. That Snow White always wore her dress too. I also don't understand why the wicked stepmother is a part of this show. If my stepmother had done that to me I would be pissed.