Dbzfreak60 Posted 7 years 7 months ago
This Show is now on Nicktoons. it's currently now on season 3. They first go to a virtual world, then they get back to the battle city finals.
199478q29 Posted 9 years 1 month ago
Yugio was pretty cool i use to doole all the time back in the day but when GX came out i was pissed & i find it cool that the first Yugio show ran up into my teen years after my childhood ended thats awesome.
Benjanime Posted 9 years 2 months ago
if this show started in 1998 then why does the animation look like it was crafted by computer? we still had cel animation in that time
Shyster66 Posted 9 years 8 months ago
Man was I addicted to this show. I would watch it everytime it came on and my entire neighborhood collected the cards...we had no clue how to play it. Plus one of my friends had a card in Japanese and said it was an all powerful card. One day I just snapped because of it. Later I found out that the card was the complete opposite of it.
blackranger238 Posted 10 years 4 months ago
I was obsessed with this card game 5-6 years ago. Used to play the card game with friends and shout out abilities like the cartoon.
"I summon...Dark Attack Mode"
dbzgt Posted 10 years 10 months ago
Do you really have a crush on gx character.
MoranisFan1991 Posted 10 years 10 months ago
Additionally, I have a crush on a GX character, too: Daitokuji-sensei/Prof. Banner.
MoranisFan1991 Posted 10 years 10 months ago
I LOVE this show. I think it was responsible for me hitting puberty in 4th grade.
watern56 Posted 11 years 3 months ago
That show was great with all 3 Egyptians god cards. like Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and who could not forget the Winged Dragon of Ra.
lol_guy Posted 11 years 3 months ago
to benjamine: in 1998 Toei animation make the really first yugioh anime , really diferent from the actuall yugioh

search in youtube: yugioh seasson 0
Benjanime Posted 11 years 4 months ago
1998? what?
lol_guy Posted 11 years 4 months ago
one of my favorites show
boolovesyou Posted 11 years 4 months ago
i was so obsessed with this show i use to collect hundreds of cards.................were they are now.......... i don't know
monbon Posted 11 years 5 months ago
I was obsessed with this show. I had a TON of the stupid cards from it. When I drew everything had retarded hair like Yugi for a long time ._. I was such a nerd when I was little.
xOathkeeper Posted 11 years 5 months ago
Liked the 1st,2nd and the 3rd Season,but after that, Yu-Gi-Oh! got kinda boring. I like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX,though,I even own the 1st Season of it on DVD.
ike000000 Posted 11 years 6 months ago
i love the 1st
like the 2th
hate the 3th
bcbolo Posted 11 years 8 months ago
SUCH A GREAT SHOW! If they made replica star chip gloves (not those really cheap ones), I'd buy one for sure. GX and 5D's are the worst shows everrrrrr! Nothing could compare to the first series! Not dueling on motorcycles, lol.
jerrythemouse Posted 11 years 10 months ago
AprilMae Posted 12 years 11 days ago
Don't they ever go to school?!?!
AprilMae Posted 12 years 1 month ago
Yu-Gi-Oh deserves to live on forever! GX and 5D can go die in a corner! n_n *duels still*
marioman360 Posted 12 years 4 months ago
I love this show, I watched it when i was little (along with pokemon) although i cringe at the terrible dialog and 5 mins of PSA at the end, i love this show

ps. GX sucks mah ballz
Rei2008 Posted 12 years 4 months ago
Yu-Gi-Oh! FTW!!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX just makes me sick.
acgta Posted 12 years 4 months ago
this anime rocks xD Yu-Gi-Oh! FTW!!!
PHILRYABKIN Posted 12 years 7 months ago
4kids always made the shows so damm gay
Benjanime Posted 12 years 9 months ago
ilovemohawks Posted 12 years 11 months ago
animefan123 Posted 13 years 11 days ago
Dang you 4kids. I never got obessed with this but watched it anyways
Blue96sky Posted 13 years 1 month ago
Not retro Sucks
SimonTheGoaler Posted 13 years 3 months ago
4Kids killed this show by watering it down, though. The Abridged Series is way better.
SimonTheGoaler Posted 13 years 3 months ago
BATTLESTAR100 is correct. I mean, this came out in North America in, like, 2002. Still, the show was somewhat a little addictive.
BATTLESTAR100 Posted 13 years 4 months ago
this isnt retro...
RetroToon Posted 13 years 9 months ago
This and Pok'emon were my two favorite animes on Kids' WB!, but I got out of this one once they made Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
Cluelesscat Posted 14 years 24 days ago
I wish SOMEONE dubbed Season 0.
swift_heart Posted 14 years 1 month ago
the only reason they argue so much is its there way of makeing fillers and cliffhangers anything else might take overtime to think up of new ideas

its shows like this that are what annoys me its a show where the world depends on a stupid card game every 3 or 4 months its the same crap over and over nothing ever changes!
blueluigi Posted 14 years 1 month ago
Does anyone else here gets annoyed by those multi-part episodes. I mean there is WAY TOO MANY at once. They don't even have that much single episodes. And in those multi-part episodes they would always argue so much that it takes the episodes longer to finish which splits them into 3-5 part episodes. I mean I liked the first season of Yu-gi-oh but does anyone else get annoyed by the arguing. I've seen TONS of arguing through out one episode and it slows down the episode. I mean there isn't any reason for some of those episodes to be multi-part episodes.

OK I'm probably repeating myself too many times. I'll stop for now.
blueluigi Posted 14 years 1 month ago
I liked Yu-gi-oh when it first came out. I stopped liking the show when they were showing the third season because that's when the show started to get dumb. It's gotten dumb after the 3rd season because in just about every episode, they would always yell and argue about what stratigies that they would do to beat their opponents and their fighting and arguing makes the episodes into 3-5 part episodes. There is WAY too many 3-5 part episodes because they would always argue throughout the episodes that it gets them nowhere. I mean if they wouldn't argue so many times, there wouldn't be so many 3-5 part episodes.
Celeste Posted 14 years 4 months ago
It's on 4KidsTV if anyone is interested. Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters is on at 10:00 and the original Yu-Gi-Oh! is on at 11:00.
italiandom72291 Posted 14 years 5 months ago
that show died out in like 2005. It started out in the US in 2002, reached its golden age in 2003, reached dark ages in 2004, and i quit watching it in June of 2005, exactly three years and one month after i started.
SHNAG Posted 14 years 10 months ago
I used to watch it, but seeing how every single epsiod is the exact same thing in every aspect, i got sick of it and stopped watching it.

if you ever wondered about yugi's hair, click this link

in case by the time you click this the site is updated, look in the archive for "shock"
Celeste Posted 14 years 10 months ago
I know for certain that Yu-Gi-Oh isn't the same as it was when the franchise started. I just hope Kids WB doesn't start aring Yu-Gi-Oh GX in the fall because it's not the same.
shinestar Posted 14 years 11 months ago
the guy i hate in gx was crowler i bet in the japanese version he has a old chicks voice
mrs-link Posted 15 years 14 hours ago
intro 3 makes me wanna punch a baby right in the face....and yeah benjamillion, i agree with you on everything.
mrs-link Posted 15 years 25 days ago
shinestar, the chick with the purple hair was a character called miho i believe. She was like anzu's best friend, and honda really liked her a lot. She wasnt into games though, she liked boys. Takahashi took her out of the second season though, she was just in 1. and thanks for editing it whoever did it, i really suck at summarizing stuff, and yugioh was kinda hard to do cuz of all the twists and shit. Im good at writting in general though as in my own stories.
mrs-link Posted 15 years 29 days ago
i dont give a crap what anyone says, i think ill always have a place deep down in my heART for this show. This is the show that started the anime addiction for me, so it'll always have a place with me. I dont watch it anymore, but still, its cool.
shinestar Posted 15 years 1 month ago
we have no need of yugioh haters
Rhimmer Posted 15 years 1 month ago
I use to like this and I collected the cards. But I stoped years ago when I relize the story really wasnt going any where.
The_D Posted 15 years 2 months ago
i heard this show came out ealier than 99
shinestar Posted 15 years 3 months ago
i saw the manga its true it start with yugis life but moves on to the cards later on
shinestar Posted 15 years 3 months ago
who is the lavender haired girl in the show shes in two intros and i never her in the version on kids wb
Chupi Posted 15 years 3 months ago
Snppls -- you PWN my version. PWN. XD! *Worship!* You did it concisely and with, uhm, grammatical skill! =D
shinestar Posted 15 years 3 months ago
thanks for editing its nice to know there are people who can help
Snppls Posted 15 years 3 months ago
Oh btw, I submitted the intros for every arc, Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Virtual World, Battle City finals, Waking the dragons, KC Grand Prix and Dawn of the duel

but for some reason they only added the current one
I kinda wonder why
Snppls Posted 15 years 3 months ago
yea this summary annoys me as well
I don't see what's so hard about writing a summary for Yu-Gi-Oh tho

Psychology, you're right, Kaiba should have won, when they both had to form a deck of 3 cards, Kaiba played Monster Reborn first to bring back his Blue Eyes, but instead, he should have brought back Obelisk, then sacrifice his 2 other Blue Eyes and he would have won
The writers screwed up there if you ask me, they should have let Yugi use a card to remove Obelisk from play, like Soul Release, then at least Kaiba's move to bring back Blue Eyes would have made sense
Chupi Posted 15 years 3 months ago
Alright. I edited it. I'll save your copy just in case you want it.

Man, it's hard writing a summary for Yu-Gi-Oh. It's got different arcs so it's kind of hard to summarize it all in a few concise sentences.


My friend summarized it as: "DON'T HIT ME, FIGHT ME IN A CARD GAME."

I stopped watching it a while ago. I prefer hearing about Egypt and Atem's past rather than hearing Kaiba be all like "MWAHAHAHA... *ANGST*"
Chupi Posted 15 years 3 months ago
Man, children. I might have to edit your summary. It's really ... ehm... unrefined at the moment.
Jake_1079 Posted 15 years 3 months ago
ment ewers or mistakes how ever the hell you spell it.
Jake_1079 Posted 15 years 3 months ago
sorry I was just to lazy to check for spelling evers.
mr3urious Posted 15 years 3 months ago
You need to learn how to speak English, You need to clean up your language, too.
Jake_1079 Posted 15 years 3 months ago
I watch this show in china one time and it had a compleatly differant intro and the vocie ackers were differant to it was in english but but it had better voice actears and and it also had silant moments with no background music and the cards had japanies writing on them they weart just blank like on the U.S. version but the intro and intro music were truly something fantastick they wearte just random screen shots like the U.S. version even the credits were unike instead of the credits looking like ranbom screen shots it had a japaniese girl singing and justt looked so much better so my point is whenever they bring a show like yogioh over seas they intend to screw it up so the kids dont know it's japanease but the uncut japaniese show I saw in china looks a lot better then the one in the U.S.
shinestar Posted 15 years 4 months ago
i put the first charater on here so not to bad i hope
shinestar Posted 15 years 4 months ago
thanks i think its fine im glad someone helped me cause i put it in since it fits on the site 90s list and 96 was the year it it started on
mrs-link Posted 15 years 4 months ago
damn, i made it too long didnt i?
mrs-link Posted 15 years 4 months ago
alright shinestar, ill fix it for ya. im big yugioh fan trust me.
shinestar Posted 15 years 4 months ago
i put it on the show list so dont be mad at me for it