Dr Lee Percussion Posted 3 years 10 months ago
Was this filmed in Ottawa Canada? "bahhh i heard heard that!" LOL
aqua1976 Posted 4 years 3 months ago
this show was my child hood i loved this show
batman4u54 Posted 5 years 8 months ago
I watch this show all the time. Everyday. Great show.
Toggle Comment Threadfreddyfan98 Posted 7 years 4 months ago
great show wish they can put this show on dvd.
dgboker Posted 6 years 3 months ago
i agree i miss seeing these old shows
palmer10 Posted 7 years 5 months ago
One of Canada's finest exports
David12010 Posted 7 years 9 months ago
Wow, I used to love this show as a kid. My favorite kid was Christine she was so cute had a crush on The skits were so funny espically at Barf's Burgers. When someone said "I don't know" the green slime would fall on them, ahh the memories .....great stuff
timmy4080 Posted 8 years 6 months ago
My dad's brother was on this!
djdedeo0 Posted 8 years 7 months ago
Probably the greatest show of my childhood.
adamant Posted 8 years 10 months ago
*sigh* Now they just won't do this on television.....
What happened to Nickelodeon!?
Renthead Posted 8 years 10 months ago
I was in LOVE with Allister! LOL. Look what Nick has morphed into!
icare4animals Posted 8 years 11 months ago
Classic!! I loved this show back then and still love it!! It only ran for a half-hour and when it was over I wanted more!! Love everything about it!!
Bluj200 Posted 9 years 26 days ago
This show was crazy. But I love it as a 6-and 7 year old
Coco Posted 9 years 2 months ago
alanis morrisette was on this! funny show, barf always made me BARF though
lolabunny Posted 9 years 5 months ago
ohhhhhhhhh so thats how nick got its green slime lol i remember watching nick as a little kid and then trying to make green slime out of milk and food coloring
chefroe Posted 9 years 5 months ago
loved this show, but it was only ever shown in canberra as a summer gap filler on our ABC
edwardsteganhaus Posted 9 years 7 months ago
elbows and knuckles down. great show back then. which one was alanis?
Jt62786 Posted 9 years 8 months ago
I love hwo the green slime came from the show. But why have the orningal splat Nickelodeon in orange while slime is green and still the logo is orange why Orange if slime is green?
deronmillercky Posted 9 years 10 months ago
loved the slime!
StuntRocker Posted 10 years 18 days ago
greatest kids show of all time!!! boo the company that owns it for denying us dvd's!!!
trykome Posted 10 years 30 days ago
Greatest show in the history of Nick
Michi Mommy Posted 10 years 4 months ago
I remember running off the bus and banging on my front door so my nanny could let me in Just to watch this show!

I dont remember anything else from Elem. School
bkzfinest Posted 10 years 4 months ago
Wow! You guys have it covered! I remember this when Nicklodeon showed it! Great show!
icemike2007 Posted 10 years 5 months ago
Toggle Comment ThreadOroborosdramon Posted 10 years 6 months ago
I miss the original slime. It truly looked gross and had all those clunks in it. Blarf (or whatever the creepy cook's name was) was my favorite segment cause it was so damn gross!
aqua1976 Posted 4 years 3 months ago
it looked like it oatmeal in it
melmack1 Posted 10 years 8 months ago
listen there is this kid making a huge petition to viacome to have them re air all the old nick shows from this to salute your shorts ,todays special,and pinwheel its really sweet
Melanie1962 Posted 10 years 9 months ago
I loved this show! I discovered it when I first got cable T.V. in 1984...I loved how Vanessa and Doug fought with each other all the time!
EZR09 Posted 11 years 1 month ago
I love this show because it's funny and I didn't know that Alanis Morrisette was You Can't Do That On Television before she began her singing career until I was in middle school. I began listening to her music when I was in 5th grade.
YCDTOYT Posted 11 years 2 months ago
Hi We have brought the show back to life as You Can't Do That On YouTube! or YCDTOYT . You can see it on youtube or our website
EZR09 Posted 11 years 2 months ago
I used to watch this show when I was little with my family and I saw it for Nickelodeon's birthday when I was in middle school. I also saw it during Nickeloden Old School picks four years ago. I have it on dvd now.
infaredsinsor Posted 11 years 3 months ago
infaredsinsor Posted 11 years 3 months ago
Nothing like watching the dad sit at the table and drink a beer over supper. Blip's arcade would always rip everyone off. Alastar would get so ticked off because he would be winning and Blip would pull the cord. Lisa was always getting yelled at by Moose because she would never Shut the F*** up.
infaredsinsor Posted 11 years 3 months ago
What a trip in time!! I would never miss an episode of this show. As I am older now, I see how messed up these skits really were. God, I love it!
mlw1984 Posted 11 years 3 months ago
I love this show.

Why do I love it?

I don't know.

*gets slimed*
Kids TV Kid Posted 11 years 3 months ago
I wish that they wouldn't call Ms.McGlades..Moose!

..Damn It She's not a moose!..(LOL)She's an elk!(LOL)
virusremoval Posted 11 years 3 months ago
Just don't say WATER.
shadowfax Posted 11 years 3 months ago
Does anyone remember a skit called "The Connoisseurs" where two of the main characters (a guy and a girl) would be sitting on a bench in a park and they would take turns farting and rating each others' farts by odor and texture?
AtariKid Posted 11 years 3 months ago
I used to watch this show on Nickelodeon all of the time.
Shiny_Tulip Posted 11 years 4 months ago
How do you watch something religously?
I don't understand what you mean
lauralou10284 Posted 11 years 5 months ago
oh god i loved this show! totally 80s
Blueroc85 Posted 11 years 7 months ago
Another Nickelodeon favorite that I used to watch religiously!
CheezNapkin Posted 11 years 7 months ago
"the intro is just like the robot jones intro!"


The show debatedly takes place in the 80s so it makes sense
Newcreature584 Posted 11 years 9 months ago
NickelodeonFan97 Posted 11 years 9 months ago
The intro was creepy. Especially the 1981 version where the guy at the end is as white as a ghost/statue with some weird ":O" look on his face...*shudder*

Great show though.
YeahSonic Posted 11 years 9 months ago
In my opinion, one of the greatest opening sequences in the history of television. But maybe that's because I like Monty Python so much.

And, hey, JMan1975! DaaaaaaaaIIII heard thaaat! Spongebob Squarepants is an awesome show! I thought it was stupid, too, until I actually gave it a chance.
ducktalesfan1977 Posted 11 years 10 months ago
The last time I saw You Can't Do That on Television was the year 1990. This show is the best Nickelodeon show to date. Too bad Nickelodeon went downhill after this show was cancelled.

It's long overdue for this show to be on DVD.
flanfan1 Posted 11 years 11 months ago
the intro is just like the robot jones intro!
JMan1975 Posted 11 years 11 months ago
Great show! Great into and funy things. This show was the greatest Nickeloden show before this crap that they got out now like spongebob squarepants and all of that other crap that nickeloden show. They need to get this show on DVD.
blueluigi Posted 12 years 1 month ago
That's right, I watched it during Nick's 25th anniversery. It aired during Nick's old school pick. My sister (who is Redyoshi by the way) said to me that this show was weird not to mention when one of the cast members was stepping on the person's foot I remembered she said was pretty stupid.
rustyshackleford01 Posted 12 years 1 month ago
hey redyoshi,was he watching on Nick's 24th anniversary special, cause that's the last time it was on that I remember
Redyoshi Posted 12 years 1 month ago
I remembered one time back in 2004, I saw my brother watch this show and asked "What on Earth are you watching?" and then he said he was watching You Can't Do that On Television. After watching part of it, I thought it was kind of weird.
cav6aet Posted 12 years 1 month ago
daai heard that!
mspepper926 Posted 12 years 2 months ago
nikem84 Posted 12 years 2 months ago
this show gave me that rainy day depressing feeling. again another link to my past
AiCLC Posted 12 years 2 months ago
YES! Takes me back....
SallyAcornFan Posted 12 years 3 months ago
The intro to this show kind of remind of the intro to "Monty Python's Flying Circus."
blueluigi Posted 12 years 5 months ago
Nick HD? Wait a minute, are you telling me that Nickelodeon is gonna start airing their shows in HD with YCDTOTV being aired on there?
robmon300 Posted 12 years 6 months ago
comming soon it will be in nick hd.
blueluigi Posted 12 years 6 months ago
There was going to be a DVD release that they were going to release in Nick's Rewind Collection along with Clarrisa Explains it All, Pete and Pete, and Salute Your Shorts but it got cancelled for now. It was announced when the first season sets of Pete and Pete and Clarissa were released. But then they cancelled it before they could release the third and final season of pete and pete and release the rest of Clarissa and before YCDTOTV and Salute your Shorts could make it to DVD.
Deleted Posted 12 years 7 months ago
I actually have met the woman who played the mother. She lived only ten minutes away from me
Deleted Posted 12 years 7 months ago
I miss this show... My favourite part was the Opposite Sketches
BC_Anselmo Posted 12 years 7 months ago
I agree with Tracy and ducktalesfan I totaly miss thoes shows. I guess the kids grew up and they never put new kids on.
tracy33 Posted 12 years 7 months ago
ducktalesfan1977 Posted 12 years 7 months ago
Absolutely amazing. This is one of my all time favorite shows on Nickelodeon before they started airing garbage.
datura Posted 12 years 9 months ago
they need to revive this show for the next generation, I don't think there's a kids' sketch show on TV these days
hsmith98 Posted 12 years 11 months ago
Great show. I remember Barf, and the mom always asking the kids if they had on clean underwear.
retroguy78 Posted 12 years 11 months ago
I thought this show was so funny as a kid, and Alanis Morisette went on to become a huge rock star years after the show ended.
Celeste Posted 13 years 3 days ago
YCDTOTV was filmed in Ottawa. Most of the cast lived there except for Jamie Burning who had to be flown in from out west and he hated flying according to his profile on
Nano512 Posted 13 years 1 month ago
This was one of my faves too. As I grew up I did notice the Monty Python references.
Anchovies Posted 13 years 2 months ago
Oh I don't know....*gets Slimed on*
HoneyBrown1976 Posted 13 years 3 months ago
looking at it now it was creepy
mwildermuth Posted 13 years 3 months ago
I think the intro is even scarier now, as an adult.
shorty spice Posted 13 years 3 months ago
One of my favorite shows to watch on Nick. I remember the 1st intro. But I just watched the 2nd one and that thing is CREEPY!
SummertmeBrews Posted 13 years 3 months ago
This has to have been my all-time Favorites on NICKELODEON !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring em back Bring em back !! I can't find any re-runs nor box set bootlegs on Ebay, can anyone help me help, or are we out of luck???
~Thunderkitten~ Posted 13 years 4 months ago
I LOVED this show, but the intro scared the living shit out of me when I was little. The music and the face at the end... *shudder* I used to have to leave the room.

To this day, if I see it and am caught off-guard, I still jump inside a tiny bit, lmao. I'm a dork, lol.
kimsy520 Posted 13 years 5 months ago
I loved this show!!!
Adam Ant Posted 13 years 5 months ago
I Hope this show comes to DVD I liked the show. I liked the oposite sketches the most.
JabarR Posted 13 years 6 months ago
Lisa Ruddy was such a cutie pie and Christine "Moose" McGlade was great as well. When those two left, the show just wasn't the same anymore. They were the essence of YCDTOTV.
Barth Posted 13 years 7 months ago
The chef's name is Barth..Not Barf

The "Backwards world" was called the opposite sketches

The Mom and Dad's names were Lance and Vallerie Prevert
xenocrisis0153 Posted 13 years 7 months ago
Why is this show not on DVD??? This was like THE show to watch on Nickelodeon back in the day. I never knew it was Canadian, guess I was too young to care. I remember the skits of the executioner who always yelled "fire" at the wrong moments, Barth's Diner, the locker kids, and something about Backwards World where the kids were in charge and the adults were whiny and bratty.
diggidy28 Posted 13 years 7 months ago
I watched this show all the time as a kid, I don't know why. All I remember is getting slimed from saying "I don't know" and that old guy that was really weird. Wasn't he named Barf in the family sketch? Or was it when he was a chef? I don't know
G UNIT Posted 13 years 8 months ago
yeah man...that happened to me too..the intro scared me because i had no idea what was goin on...i just watched it now and i totally remember being weirded out as a kid
DieYuppieScum Posted 13 years 9 months ago
This is where the Nickelodeon trademark of "sliming" was born in all it's gooey glory.

And Y.C.D.T.O.T gets none of the credit because they are too buzy coming out with crap T.V. shows like Catscratch and Spongebob.
Sneakers00 Posted 13 years 9 months ago
This show must have been on somthing
sanchez Posted 13 years 10 months ago
(1) Yes it was Canada but I'm not sure of the City.

(2) Alanis Morissette was on the show. She played "alanis".
avaitor Posted 13 years 10 months ago
best show ever!ps,tomi_b,it's in ottawa.
Afficial Posted 13 years 10 months ago
Country of origin is wrong, i'm pretty sure it's Canada
Tomi_B Posted 13 years 10 months ago
Don't say "I Don't Know" or else ya get 'SLIMED'...same if ya say 'water'... "I've heard that!", (remember that grossly lookin' cook!) ;-P
Not bad for a bunch of young actors & actresses, in Toronto, Canada?!
eep! Posted 13 years 10 months ago
sign petition
robmon300 Posted 13 years 10 months ago
yes bring it back please.