TEOL Posted 6 years 4 months ago
I remember all the other stuff in it having their own cartoons away from Captain N but I do not remember the N at all not the cartoon or the holding of the other shows within it.

And from what I read good riddams I only seen the single versions although some of them were pants also for example Zelda. Exxxxxxxccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuusssssssssseeeeeeeeee me princess!!!!!!!

The intro music was decent for Zelda and the ending music probably only used when not included in Captain N is pretty decent too with a sweet animation of Link swinging his sword during the credits this was on the Cartoon Network version of Zelda.

Super Mario World was on Channel 4 Kids as a normal show for me also so I really don't even remember it as a package show.

Sonic was on Channel 4 also but we got a different theme tune with lyrics like SONIC The Heagehog he sets mobious free to a music like the invincibility theme but with it's own instruments.
LuckyDearly Posted 6 years 5 months ago
was good but they really couldn't capture the true characters of a lot of the characters in this series (Pit, Megaman, Simon Belmont, Alucard, Dr.Light, the Robot Masters, etc...)

I do believe Princess Lana was supposed to be based off Paulutena from Kid Icarus. Also mother Brain could have also used Kraid and Ridley as her henchmen besides Dr.Wily, Eggplant Wizard, and King Hippo
veedirty Posted 8 years 6 months ago
I definitely liked this show...sure they could have done a better job on some the characters (megaman)...but just to have a show with popular nintendo characters..this brings back meeeemmmoooories!
Hoganmann Posted 9 years 2 months ago
Mann what tha fuck were they thinking when they drew up Mega Man? stfh
hawkmoons Posted 9 years 2 months ago
Quote, CartoonKing2
"if they had Little Mac in it and called him "Punch-Out"

That made me laugh, and I agree, hated the way Simon was and acted.
LOL785 Posted 9 years 3 months ago
@DJRobE Yes, it's been out on DVD since 2007.
DJRobE Posted 9 years 4 months ago
Is this on dvd yet?
CartoonKing2 Posted 9 years 4 months ago
I hate this show. It's awful! Why would they even think of making Mega Man look like that, or Simon Belmont act like that. I doubt they've ever even played any of the games it's based on. Usually I don't mind if something strays a little bit from the source material, but this show does it way too much. And what's up with Pit saying "icus" all the time, and why do they think his name is Kid Icarus? They might as well have called Simon Belmont "Castlevania", or if they had Little Mac in it and called him "Punch-Out". This show is retarded.
Benjanime Posted 9 years 4 months ago
boy did they make simon belmont a joke in this show
lesshann78 Posted 10 years 2 months ago
I wish my boys could watch the cartoons i did.
teejaynumber13 Posted 10 years 2 months ago
I bought this series on DVD not long ago and I thought I wouldn't like it now, but I was wrong. It was still great to watch! Mother Brain is probably the best character in the show.
Queenof82 Posted 10 years 5 months ago
I always bounced back & fourth between this show & Zelda..loved them both.
doctorx0079 Posted 10 years 5 months ago
This show was totally not serious but sometimes it was quite hilarious. I also like how they came up with new adventures based on my favorite games. Anyone remember Wombatman? Funny stuff.
seanmallonnyc Posted 10 years 9 months ago
It shows you the popularity of video games in the 80's. It also shows that the people at Nintendo had a good thing going. :-0
Deleted Posted 10 years 11 months ago
Never grew up with this how, but I have watched some episodes on Youtube, and it's actually not bad. Princess Lana is smokin' hot!
carl79usa Posted 11 years 29 days ago
i liked the zelda show
mark_wous Posted 11 years 2 months ago
Loved this show when i was little
axora Posted 11 years 2 months ago
XD my uncle was loking this up online and i decided to look at it...i really didnt mind it much XD
BloodWind Posted 11 years 4 months ago
I loved the Mario shows, liked this, and hated the Zelda show haha! This show was watchable though.
Toxie Posted 11 years 7 months ago
i downloaded all the episodes!its really good...i enjoy it a lot!
lexhogan Posted 11 years 8 months ago
got it on dvd, good stuff, king hippo:purple nipples?
random hero Posted 11 years 9 months ago
Does anyone else wonder how they wud write a ds or wii into the show
Naruto123 Posted 11 years 10 months ago
I loved this show. I need to buy the DVD Box Set.
serena64 Posted 11 years 10 months ago
man i loved this show-used to watch it all the time liked the giant game boy character it was an interesting show-don't think i'd watch it now though
This_guy Posted 11 years 11 months ago
I used to watch this all the time. One thing that irked me was that Simon Belmont and Mega Man (one of my favorite game characters of all time) looked and acted nothing like the actual game.
TurboDuo Posted 12 years 22 days ago
I loved the first two seasons of Captain N, but I didn't care for the third season.
Mrpants Posted 12 years 2 months ago
I used to have a video with a mix of kids tv shows on it, like the turtles, transformers, g.i joe and others, but this was always one of the cartoons on the video that i used to fast forward past. I never really liked it. It was ok just not one of the cartoons that I followed.
BlueScooterOJustice Posted 12 years 2 months ago
Call me a jerk but I hated Captain N. It didn't even try to follow the games it referenced.
holttrain Posted 12 years 2 months ago
I loved that show! I liked Kid Icarus
Toxie Posted 12 years 4 months ago
i have seen some clips of this!!!but i have never saw a whole a episode!i just cant find it anywhere to download it!...and it has one my heroes as character!simon belmont from super castlevania iv snes!Rocks extremelly wild!!
mareoigi Posted 12 years 5 months ago
this is the greatest idea since t.v
nas86 Posted 12 years 6 months ago
mrhorsefan Posted 12 years 6 months ago
I think you mean Power Team to respond on the last comment. Loved that cartoon show and Capitain N too when I played on my SNES.
sdcarter Posted 12 years 6 months ago
There was another show similar to this, but I can't remember its name. The lead character was a kid with a NES gamepad for a belt and he carried a blaster. He was teamed up with some basketball player, Bigfoot (which talked, I think), Q-Bert, and I think MegaMan.

Anybody remember the name or useful info?
Captain Howdy Posted 12 years 7 months ago
That episode where Captain N meets Link from Legend Of Zelda was pretty cool. Although, Link was kinda being a douchebag for no reason. What, was he jealous or something? What a fag.
Fishkid04 Posted 12 years 7 months ago
You can get the full set of both seasons off btjunkie and there dvd quality. So i would have to say that these are on dvd
mrbumpy Posted 12 years 10 months ago
Sorry, I made a mistake.
Oh God!This sucked!(Now that`s better)
mrbumpy Posted 12 years 10 months ago
Oh God!¡This sucked!
blueluigi Posted 12 years 10 months ago
<b>sonic64:</b> What the heck is your problem you dumb prick? Why do you always have to bash other people's opinions. If you hate them so much. then just MOVE ON!!!
Pinkie21 Posted 13 years 26 days ago
They reeeeally messed up with Simon Belmont!
Redyoshi Posted 13 years 30 days ago
Nintendo makes really bad cartoons and who ever made the character designs to this show needs to get shot (if they already didn't). Megaman and Donkey Kong's appearance looks absolutly nothing like the designs in the video games. This is the worst cartoon Nintendo has ever created and I'm glad it's not on TV anymore.
Redyoshi Posted 13 years 30 days ago
This show was really stupid. They messed up all of the characters and the plots are just childish. There's also some really bad musical numbers but at least they're not as bad as the Super Mario musical numbers. I wish this show was never released on DVD, who would buy it anyway.
LuckyDearly Posted 13 years 2 months ago
Mother Brain was pretty intense, and this was before Super Metroid and her full body appearence.

Too bad they never did a crossover with the Mario Brothers (they had an hour long block and it could have worked with Mother Brain and Bowser working together)

Also Samus seemed to be missing in Zebes whenever the N-Team were there although we did see Kraid attacking Simon Belmont and Captain N get ambushed by several Metroids
eternalshogunx Posted 13 years 2 months ago
LOL loved this show.
shadow_wolf Posted 13 years 4 months ago
<i>By xavior66 On 12/19/2006
Hey, that show you guys are talking about with the 4 guys competing...didn't they also play a game called Post Haste in the show? Like you were the mail man and you were running and jumping over obstacles in order to avoid the dogs chasing you? </i>

That's Nick Arcade, you moron!
HarryReems Posted 13 years 4 months ago
I loved how Kevin's voice was all "dude, whooOOOAAHHHH!!!"

blueluigi Posted 13 years 4 months ago
Oh yeah that "preshow skit" actually was the episode teaser to Kevin in Videoland. They have an episode teaser in every episode of Captain N. But the episode teaser "Kevin in Videoland" which was posted here on Retrojunk was the only episode teaser included on the DVD which is a bonus feature. It's quite disapointing that Kevin in Videoland was the only episode teaser included on the DVD but I guess the other episode teasers couldn't be included because of copyrights.

But another awesome thing is that we FINALLY have Version 1 of How's Bayou readily avalible. But it's not worth leaving out the second version since it's the more completed version. Version 1 of How's Bayou was the first airing version but they made a second version when it aired in reruns because Version 1 has some incomplete scenes that they couldn't finish before it was time to air it on TV. They got a more completed version of it before it aired for the second time on TV. It's nice to finally see Version 1 but I wish they could have included Version 2 as well.
blueluigi Posted 13 years 5 months ago
Well this show is now out on DVD. I can't wait to get it!!!!!!
Lenore Marcus Posted 13 years 6 months ago
Kevin Was Hot!!!!!!!
xavior66 Posted 13 years 7 months ago
Hey, that show you guys are talking about with the 4 guys competing...didn't they also play a game called Post Haste in the show? Like you were the mail man and you were running and jumping over obstacles in order to avoid the dogs chasing you?
Deleted Posted 13 years 8 months ago
I think I missed out on this show's run, but I could definitely enjoy it. I saw an episode on Youtube and thought it was pretty entertaining.
Daniel_BMS Posted 13 years 9 months ago
The problem with this show is that they ruined all the great characters it was based on. So it didn't have a strong foundation.
shinestar Posted 13 years 9 months ago
i saw some episodes on youtube and its a good show
dhjustin Posted 13 years 10 months ago
mother brain i always thought she looking more like a living thing of brocolli lol
blueluigi Posted 13 years 11 months ago
It is being released on Feburary 19, 2007. I found it out on tvshowsondvd.
blueluigi Posted 13 years 11 months ago
ooliyo, Captain N IS coming to DVD. It is being released by shout factory which is the company that is making DVD boxsets of the Super Mario Bros Super Show and The Legend of Zelda (they also said that they'll release the Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 if Volume 2 of SMBSS sells good which I'm sure it will).
ooliyo Posted 13 years 11 months ago
Nintendo did have what was called the "Nintendo Comic System" back in the early 1990's, they should think about making a DVD system.
sailor_moon_girl Posted 14 years 2 months ago
i miss this show
BYERE Posted 14 years 2 months ago
Levi Stubbs was the Mother Brain??? Heh, I liked him from the Little Shop of Horrors remake.

I love this show, anyone know anywhere online I can download the episodes or better still, a place that sells these on PAL VHS/DVD (if they ever released it on dvd)
codeblue78 Posted 14 years 2 months ago
I freaking loved this show!!!!
Nikadimas Posted 14 years 4 months ago
Captain N was probably the coolest cartoon on TV at the time. I also think the episode where Captain N teams up with Link has to be the best one. Question though: In the late 80s very early 90s, Nintendo started coming out with a few comic book series and Captain N was one of them. Anyone remember that? I liked the comic series better than the cartoon because Samus Aran was added to the group.

Oh yeah and Puzzlegut I remember that show where 4 players would compete in a game show about video games. The name escapes me, but I do remember at the end they gave the person a velcro suit and they ran through a maze filled with video games and try and stick as many as they can on their suit and complete the maze before time ran out. Ah, that show was great.
blueluigi Posted 14 years 4 months ago
Well, it has been confermed that this show is finally being released on DVD. Shout factory is going to release it in a DVD boxset, like they did with the Legend of Zelda and the Super Mario Bros Super Show DVD boxsets. Yes it's going to be a DVD boxset and I don't know if I'm going to get it the day after it comes out like I did with the Legend of Zelda DVD boxset. It's the people of Dic posted it on the Captain N fourms. Now I have one more thing to say

takineko Posted 14 years 5 months ago
LOL they should make a new version of this with the Nintendo's 3D graphics
Rictof Posted 14 years 6 months ago
I got mine. Got it at Hot Topic for $20... It's a belt buckle, didn't come with a zapper, but that can be improvised. I'd rather have the letterman's jacket he sported around to be honest.
blueluigi Posted 14 years 6 months ago
This is a great show, it has all of your favorate Nintendo characters, such as Donkey Kong, Megaman, Mother Brain and more. I also heard that the closed captioning to that show is pretty weird because in some episodes when they say Dr. Wily's name, the Closed Caption mispells it Dr. Wylie, also when they say Dr. Wrights name, the caption spells it as Dr. Right, and by the time Megaman 3 was released in the us and Dr. Wright was actually renamed Dr. Right, the caption spells it as Dr. Right.
puzzlegut Posted 14 years 6 months ago
I remember this show as a kid and I really liked it, along with the Super Mario shows.

Does anyone remember another video game cartoon that was very similar to Captain N? In this particular show, it had a boy who had these video game characters living with him in the real world. From what I could remember, there was a basketball player, Bigfoot the monster truck, a red ball shaped guy that wore sun glasses and a green mohawk and was on a Game Boy game, a warrior guy (can't remember what game he was from), and a SWAT guy (perhaps from Metal Gear).

Also, does anyone remember a video game competition show where 4 people would start out and compete against a certain video game and by the end of the show, there would be a winner? I also remember at the end of the show, the host would read letters from people asking questions about video games and the host would answer the questions and would send the writer a free video game for writing. I remember writing a bunch of letters so that I could get some free games (can't remember if I ever sent them or not).
AdamYJ Posted 14 years 6 months ago
Well, I liked Kid Icarus. Then again, I didn't get very far. And I'm not known for my taste or knowledge in the field of gaming.
AdamYJ Posted 14 years 6 months ago
"kid icarus was too much of a gaywad character to even appear on the show."

Have you ever played Kid Icarus? It's a cool game, and I think the main character is pretty cool for a lesser known early Nintendo character. Also, the game is wicked hard.
Knightmare10880 Posted 14 years 6 months ago
This was one of the 80's last great shows and also one NBC's last great Saturday morning toons. I really wish Nintendo and DIC would hurry up and clear up all the red tape that surrounds the show. I mean this thing would probably be one the highest and fastest selling sets ever if and when it finally comes out.
AdamYJ Posted 14 years 6 months ago
Eggplant Wizrd was from Kid Icarus, a rather obscure game known for its considerable difficulty. The main character of Kid Icarus was also a member of Capt. N's team on this show. His name was Pit in the game but the show always called him Kid Icarus.

I remember this show from when I was younger. I do remember thinking that the way Mega Man and Kid Icarus talked was kind of annoying (Mega Man put "Mega" at the beginning of all his sentences and Kid Icarus said "icus" at the end of a bunch of words). And it was a little weird that Belmont was depicted as a panicky narcissist. However, just the idea for the show was cool enough. Imagine being pulled into a videogame world to fight alongside your favorite videogame heroes. Also, one should remember that there wasn't much to go on from these games at the time anyway. We now live in a world where videogames and their characters are developed with plots and established personalities. Back in the '80s, the only personality was what the player imagined for them.

Anyway, I think this show officially jumped the shark when they introduced the character Game Boy, who was a big flying Game Boy with a face on his screen who talked in beeps and blips.
Rictof Posted 14 years 7 months ago
Kevin Keene was awesome with his Zapper, he made me break the thing around the house from squeezing the trigger too much. Simon Belmont was the biggest trip, note the avatar! Megaman sounded constipated... A shame the series ended around the time SNES was hitting market. There were so many characters in video games that I wished I could've seen on this show just to see what kind of likeness the makers of the show could give to everyone. I mean, they had Larry Bird in Pursuit of The Hoop... he's a real person too! They had an episode devoted to Tetris as well. Why couldn't they have Samus Aran on the show? It would've cleared up the whole "The guy in the suit on metroid is really a girl" shocker alot earlier than having to wait for Super Metroid and a scene where she dies busting out of the suit. By the way, what was eggplant wizard from??? He's the only character from the show that eludes me.
90sKid Posted 14 years 7 months ago
another one of my favorites....this site brings back so many memories
captn Posted 14 years 8 months ago
hehe. i always use the username CAPTAIN N everywhere if i can... well i couldn´t here as u can see

cool serie. just sad i have only watched it in danish. good DAMN the danish voices sucks... how could they do it

anyway. this serie was way too cool. long live captain n
BenJabotuya Posted 14 years 9 months ago
This was a Nintendo-themed cartoon. Princess Lana was such a babe!
Viricide Posted 14 years 9 months ago
I remember this show like it was still running. It actually had 2 a different intro, in later episodes.
Oni Posted 14 years 9 months ago
l loved this show as a lil kid , i wish there would have been more game stars in it , but it was still good
formula Posted 14 years 10 months ago
Ahh Captain N. Memories of a great show. Sure it didn't follow the characters true backgrounds properly. King Hippo... blue? C'mon, strange as it was, it was these absurdities that made this show so memorable and great. You had to nod your head, laugh and think, yup this was put together by TV execs with limited video game backgrounds rather than video game enthusiasts. Nice job nonetheless, this show is certainly unforgettable.
Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 14 years 10 months ago
This show was ok, though it did not exactly stay 100% true to other games such as Castlevania or Mega Man. To begin, Mega Man looked almost NOTHING like he did in the games and it was stupid that they made him look like a midget with a scrawny voice. Secondly, I agree with benjamillion that they really butchered Simon Belmont's character. I mean, he's supposed to be a merciless vampire hunter and NOT some stupid clown! Other than that, this show wasn't too bad, but some parts could've been better!
neba Posted 14 years 11 months ago
This show was great when I was kid. The best part is Kevin using the Nintendo gamepad to pause the area like an actual videogame. And there's Megaman: Green, short and a Popeye knock off! Yuck! Gawd awful. And Simon Belmont as a pretty boy? LOL.
DarkwingDuck4ever Posted 14 years 11 months ago
I always thank my parents.
They recorded it. So i have seen almost the whole series, when i was old enough.
Great Show. I hope it will be released as a DVD-Pack!
Plecostomus Posted 14 years 11 months ago
Do they air this show anymore? What about any DVD releases? I remember always wanting to see this show as a child, but never got the chance.
Captain D Posted 14 years 11 months ago
There should really be a modern day revamp of this show.
Lottech96 Posted 14 years 11 months ago
As I agree on the fact on how stupid they made Simon from CNGM. as I read a Quote from Greg the Bunny
"Could he act any more gayer?!" Anyhoo, Iliked this show when it was paired with SMB3/SMW . one thing that bothers me is , that green dude that pulls Kevin(Captain N) into "nintendoland". What's up with that?!
eep! Posted 15 years 3 days ago
Yeah. Due to all the copyright infringements, they weren’t permitted to use colours or designs too similar to the original characters. On the other hand, Nintendo owned the rights of names and just created a whole new persona based on that and association with it.
Jake 1079 Posted 15 years 5 days ago
you know megaman from this show,I remeber he was also on a solo TV show to who hear remember's anyways there were a few proble's with this megaman, for one thing I dont remember him being so short,and why is his armer green, it's sopose to be blue, but worst of all why did they have to make him so dam short! I mean we all know megaman as the blue bomber and such but hes not supose to be GREEN and he's not supose to be as HIGH AS your KNEES!but the worst part was when they replaced role with megagirl I mean she looked just as bad as megaman and shes not even in the video game series,I mean if they were gona make a megagirl they could of at least made hear taler and have bigger hooters not look like a kid like megaman I mean why not call him megaboy instead that doe's fit his decrition perficly doesnt it,well at least they got it right when they did his solo TV show.
Sheila Posted 15 years 6 days ago
Yay for the trailers. And I thought nobody but me remembered good auld Captain N.
Chupi Posted 15 years 7 days ago
You think Simon BELMONT looked stupid?
Omigawd, did you even LOOK at poor Mega Man?
RaZZu Posted 15 years 8 days ago
Sorry about the audio quality on the second intro but I cant fix that.