Blue Streak Quotes
Logan: I can smell the cold cuts seeping through your pores
Miles Logan: Bring your weeble-wobble a** over here. You like snacks?
Man: Yes sir. Nothing makes me happier.
Miles Logan: Well you are going to be snackin' down the bottom of my shoe if this s*** happens again.
Miles Logan: What are y'all doing? He's getting away. Get him.
Agent Gray: We can't cross into Mexico. It's out of our jurisdiction.
Miles Logan: Damn the jurisdiction!!! You can't? Watch me.

Miles Logan (while in pursuit) Belee dat!!!!
Logan and Carlson:
Logan: I'm a federali. Tengo un gato en los pantelones!

Carlson: I think your spanish is a little rusty you just said you have a big cat in your pants!
-Logan and Carlson