The Secret of NIMH Quotes
Nicodemus: Courage Of The Heart Is Very Rare...The Stone Has A Power When It's There.
Mrs. Brisby: The Stone...
Justin: It Was You... You Did It! You Killed Nicodemus. That Was No Accident!
Jenner: Yes! I Killed Him.
Mrs. Brisby: "I went to see the Great Owl."

Mr. Ages: "Owl? You say you saw the Owl?"

Mrs. Brisby: "Yes. He told me to ask for Nicodemus."

Mr. Ages: "Yes, I know Nicodemus."

Mrs. Brisby: "He lives with the rats."

Mr. Ages: "More specifically, he's the leader of the rats."

Mrs. Brisby: "You know him?"

Mr. Ages: [abruptly] "No one has ever seen the Owl! And live to tell about it."
Great Owl: "I must bid you good evening, Mrs..."

Mrs. Brisby: "Mrs. Brisby."

Great Owl: "Brisby? Mrs. Johnathan Brisby?"

Mrs. Brisby: "Why, yes. He was my husband. But how did you know about him?"

Great Owl: "That is not important. I will say this: His name is not unknown in these woods."
Nicodemus: "Johnathan, wherever you are, your thoughts must comfort her tonight. She will be waiting, and you will not return."
Nicodemus: "Johnathan, your wife has come at last. Perhaps now I can repay you for your kindness to me, yet Mrs. Brisby may serve the rats of NIMH more than we her. Jenner, I fear, could do her harm. He is consumed by a lust for power. Thus far the amulet has remained safely hidden, but if he finds it... Heaven help us."
Justin: "It's Jenner. He's at it again."

Mr. Ages: "There blows an ill wind!"

Justin: "He's before the Grand Council now. This time he's attacking Nicodemus openly."

Mr. Ages: "And the plan, no doubt."

Justin: "Nothing will come of it. I'll pass."

Mr. Ages: "Beware, boy, he's dangerous! He'll be the undoing of the rats of NIMH."
Jenner: "Hear me! The Thorn Valley Plan is the aspiration of idiots and dreamers! We..." [sees Justin]

Jenner: "We were just talking about you."

Justin: "That's refreshing, Jenner, usually you're screaming about us."
Nicodemus: "In the beginning, we were ordinary street rats, stealing our daily bread, and living off the efforts of man's work. We were captured, put in cages, and sent to a place called NIMH. There were other animals there, in cages. They were put through the most unspeakable torture, to satisfy some scientific curiosity. Often, at night, I would hear them cry out in anguish. Twenty rats and eleven mice were given injections. Our world began changing."
Jeremy: "Nice evening, huh? I told you you'd love flying."

Mrs. Brisby: "I don't know how I let you talk me into this!"
Teresa: "Oh! Auntie Shrew!"

Cynthia: "Oh, Auntie!"

Martin: "Oh, no!"
Mrs. Brisby: "You're in great danger. NIMH is coming!"

Jenner: "Come come, let's return to the rosebush..."

Mrs. Brisby: "NIMH is coming!"

Rat 1: "NIMH!"

Mrs. Brisby: "In the morning!"

Rat 2: "NIMH!"

Mrs. Brisby: "Yes. You will all die unless you leave the farm tonight.
Jenner: Lies!"

Mrs. Brisby: "Please! You must believe me!"

Rat 1: "What if it's true?"

Rat 2: "We'll all be killed!"

Rat 3: "Don't panic!"

Jenner: "Don't listen! She's hysterical!"

Mrs. Brisby: "Get out now... Auughhh!"

[With a vicious backhand, Jenner sends Mrs. Brisby flying. He shucks his cape and draws his sword]

Jenner: You get out! I've had enough!
Jenner:"I've learned this much: Take what you can, when you can."
Great Owl:"Step inside my house."
Mrs. Brisby hesitates.
Great Owl:"Come inside or go away!"
Mrs. Brisby:"You can unlock any door, if you only have the key."
Jener:"I've learned this much: Take what you can, when you can."
Justin:"Then you have learned nothing!"
No taste for blood, eh? They've taken the animal out of you.
Auntie Shrew:
Cast not pearls before swine, I always say, and that includes insolent piglets!
-Auntie Shrew
If I was anywhere near a cat, I'd be sneezing my brains out.
Antie Shrew, Timmy's sick.