The Brady Bunch Hour Quotes
Milton Berle: I feel like the loser on The Gong Show.
Rich Little: Who are all these kids?
Carol Brady: Uh, these are our sons and daughters.
Rich Little: Oh boy, you two have been busy, haven't you?
Bobby Brady: Mr. Berle, we need your help. You see, we're about as funny as the Waltons.
Milton Berle: No, you're not.
Carol Brady: You know, honey, for a guy with his own television show, you're still a pretty fair architect.
Mike Brady: Hey, thanks! I think it's kind of therapy for me, you know. Architects don't need Neilsen ratings to tell them who's watching their buildings.
Marcia Brady: Uh, Mom, he's not serious is he? He sounds serious.
Carol Brady: I know he sounds serious. I've heard him sing.
Mike Brady: Am I really that bad a singer?
Carol Brady: Our guests for tonight's show are...
Mike Brady: Welcome back to another Brady Bunch Hour!
Carol Brady: Yeah, the show that asks the musical question: Can eight average people make it in the big time?
Greg Brady: Music is my life!
Mike Brady: Carol, we've only been on a few minutes. Are you telling me we've already been canceled?